Tuesday, December 21, 2010

my weekend job + a happy food item in bethel

notice the pregnancy chub growing on my face... ugh.
i have been a blogging bum lately.
i have a good excuse.
everyone meet collen.
my new weekend job.
his mom works with cory at the police department and needed a sitter.
i watch him friday-saturday-sunday-and monday nights.
poor little guy is teething right now, so he is not much of a sleeper.
but it doesn't matter, he is sure good practice for april.
even though everyone says its totally different with its your own kid.
anyways. that's why i have been a blogging bum.

but on another topic....
i know some of you are rolling your eyes, or thing i am gross for being so excited.
my co-worker went to anchorage and came back with this beauty...
there is a mcdonalds in the airport right next to the terminal you always take to come to bethel.
so most people snag a couple before they come home to sell.
these 89 cent burgers can easily go for 5 bucks in bethel.
sad huh.
luckily mine was free and let me tell you, it was SO VERY VERY TASTY!

for all those who think i am going mad, you try not having any kind of fast food for a year!
you would miss mcdonalds too.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i cried.

pic taken 12.07.10 (21 weeks pregnant)

look what i found!
i wrote this blog post a little over three months ago.
you will be glad to know that now cory and i are completely happy with how things turned out for us.
just in case my kids ever ask how i reacted to finding out i was pregnant.... this is how! (read below)

written sept. 5th. 2010.

my anxiety has left.
i seriously think cory thought i was going mad.
people talk about birth control making them crazy.
luckily i never had that.
birth control didn't change me at all.
but let me tell you.
finding out that all the things you did not to get pregnant didn't work,
that is scary has hell.
the first week i cried. i cried a lot.
first to my sister while holding a pee stick shaking uncontrollably on the toilet.
(the PLUS SIGN showed up within three seconds. the second test was even faster)
i called brittany first.
she is the GREATEST secret keeper on the planet.
i am the worst.
i have gotten a lot better now that i am out of high school,
but honestly don't tell me something unless you want cory to know.
no matter the secret, cory will find out.

the next person i told was cory.
i cried.
he hugged me.
i cried.
he told me everything would be fine.
i cried even harded.
he laughed that i was crying so hard.
i stopped crying (only for a second) to give him a dirty look,
then of course, started crying again.

next to know were my two right hand girls.
arizona girl: kayla
utah girl: maelyn

poor maelyn i probably called her phone 1000 times. stupid movie she was in.
but when she did answer i got exactly what i was looking for.
seriously people, she is good!

kayla was also a big help.
she is a mom already to a gorgeous boy named recker.
she, like me, got prego before her first year anniversary
so she had tons of advice.
*sigh* she is amazing.

the next person to know was my mom.
i didn't think that i was going to tell her so soon, but i couldn't help it.
she called and just wanted to talk (we talk almost everyday)
this time i think she could tell that i was a little sad.
after i barricaded myself in the cafeteria and hid under a lunch table i told her.

and guess what i did...


so a special thanks to you all.
sorry you had to hear the tears all the way from alaska.
but you guys were great and helped tons.

Monday, December 6, 2010


thanks shay and joscelyn for tagging me!

shay's blog: here.
joscelyn's blog: here.
1. biggest looser - your talking to a certified personal trainer here. (not that you would be able to tell with this pregnant body growing on me) but i LOvE seeing jillian and bob work these people death! hehe. reminds me of old times when i was the one wearing the trainer shirt.
 except i wasn't nearly as harsh as jill. she can be scary.
2. modern family - umm.. amazing! i laugh so hard on every episode. great stuff!
3. friends - i can't help it. it seriously is LOvE. some of my most favorite high school memories were sitting around with my girlfriends watching the dvd's start to finish. and yes. i am one of those annoying people that can quote every line from every episode. it's pure talent.
4. super nanny - i don't know if it is because i'm pregnant or what, but i lately an obsessed with this show!

1. "what should we eat for dinner" - i find myself constantly saying this. we have seventeen kids to feed and sometimes its hard to come up with something to cook from the free food that is provided from the school.
2. "does it feel real yet" - this is in reference to talking with cory. he might feel the baby move and see the ultra-sound pics, but to him it still doesn't feel real yet. he says it probably wont hit him till he/she comes, but we'll see.
3. "are you running numbers" - this is also in reference to talking with cory. since the situation we have here in alaska works so much in our advantage we are able to save money like mad people. he likes to run the numbers of money coming in, i think it keeps him motivated to stay here. put is this way other than a cell phone we haven't had a bill for almost one year exactly. that will change this next couple of weeks, can you say mortgage payment??
4. "poor" - this one is completely because i live in a little native eskimo village! they have their little sayings for everything here. "poor" is something you say when someone does something sad/embarrassing/silly like fall on their face, or loose ten bucks, or get hit on by some ucky old drunk man. me and my co-workers are constantly saying this throughout the day, usually followed by a good laugh.
passionate about:
1. family - being away from my family for so long is HARD. they are so important to me.
2. diet coke - yes. i said it. i am passionate about diet coke. its all about the ice cold can, the click and fiz sounds it makes when you open it, and of course the feeling of your first taste of the day... yikes. i sound obsessed. my dr. said that i can only have one can a day, which means to my husband that i should only have one can a week. lets just say when i do get my diet coke fix i am one happy momma. (future momma)
3. being the best wife i can be - i love going out of my way to make cory happy. it makes me happy to have the house cleaned for him, or dinner made, or just making sure the kids are quiet while he sleeps.
(he works a lot)
4. saving money - about three months into our marriage we found the book "totally money makeover" and have been living it's principals ever since. great book, way motivating!

1. anywhere man vs. food goes - i don't know if any of you have seen this show, i hope you have! i always find myself telling cory that we are taking out next vacation to eat at whatever restaurant they are featuring!
2. japan - i am a huge sushi fan. i really really want to eat authentic japanise sushi.
3. hawaii - cory lived in hawaii before we met. he absolutely loved it, can you blame him? i would really enjoy taking a trip to visit his old stomping grounds. plus, today it was -2 degrees, so i would LOvE to be anywhere the sun is.
4. anywhere that has a flash mob - two modern family episodes ago there was a flash mob. i about died from laughing and soon realized that is something i have to do in my life!
1. blogged - of course, what else is there to do in bethel?
2. had a hamburger delivered to me - imagine calling up mcdonalds and having a burger show up at your door five minutes later. we hardly ever order food, but on the rare occasions when we do, its heaven!
3. i enforced a strict curfew - trying to keep 17 kids in line is not an easy task, so every night a strict curfew is enforced. i might not have any idea how to raise a baby, but trust me i am killer with teenagers!
4. made a super small batch of cookie dough - okay so i wanted some cookie dough so i got a recipe online. once everything was mixed the dough was the size of a baseball, that's it. 

looking forward to:
1. meeting our baby -  will it have my smile? will it have cory's eyes? i am so excited to see what he/ she looks like. oh and my husband is adopted so really we don't know what kind of genes are kid could have... maybe we will have a red headed kid with freckles (so cute), you never know!
2. eating sushi again - I LOVE SUSHI! it will be the first thing i eat after i have the baby.
3. going on a date with my husband - we haven't been on a real date for a LONG TIME. mostly because we can't leave the house when the kids are here.
4. purchasing our first house - our loan is in underwriting right now. so just we're just waiting for it to go through. i am excited bethel has helped us reach this goal.
1. christmas lights - umm. do i really need to say more?
2. decorated malls - for someone that has been mall deprived for almost a year. YES i would LOvE to see a decorated mall, with the santa and everything.
3. food - grandma's cooking. yumm!
4. family traditions - everyone has their own family traditions, like one of ours is getting matching pajamas on christmas eve. (yes matching. think of them as our christmas uniform).

1. kayla @ rousselicious
2. jackie@ house of sarager
3. kaitlan @ himes happenings 
4. emily @ finding your aloha

Sunday, December 5, 2010

dear baby...

hello there little one.
first of all, i love you.
i feel you rolling in my tummy constantly, somedays i don't even think you sleep.
i love it.
i have been told i wont like your kicks later on (when you start kickin my ribs) but for now it's fun.
we are so excited to find out if you are a boy or girl.
one day you might read through this blog and notice that i keep saying i want a girl,
but if you are a boy.... i want you to know I WILL BE SO HAPPY!
you would be the first boy in my family.
grandpa wrigley will love having you around to help balance things out.
right now its just him and your daddy, up against mommy, grandma, and your two aunts.
oh speaking of your aunts, you are going to be insainly loved by them.
kaylee and you are going to be closer in age then any of her sisters are with her.
just so you know...
when ever i imaged kaylee's babtism i always pictured having a little one.
its crazy to think that you were that very thought.
i also would imagine my little one making a mad dash for the font, but you wont do that right?? :)
oh there are so many things that i want to you to know about your little life, but where to start?
i guess first you should know that you are coming into the two most amazing families ever.
take mommy's side for example, not only are you going to be the first grandchild for my parents.
but also the first great grandchild for both of their parents.
i think that fact alone shows you just how much you will be loved.
grandma wrigley is going to be like a second mom to you, i just know it.
she will be there every step of the way showing me the ins and outs of motherhood.
(yikes, you might have to be patient with your dad and i. we really have no idea what we are doing)
grandpa wrigley is going to be a huge part of your life too, i just know it.
let me tell you one thing about him, his laugh is addicting.
you just wait, you will always want him around to watch funny shows with... just for his laugh!
just a heads up you're coming into a family will lots a laughs.
especially when all the cousins are together, we like to tell funny stories.
most are about you mommy and her embarrassing moments.sadly, i have lots!
i was the first cousin on both sides to get married or pregnant. haha, with you!
hopefully it wont be long untill another cousin gets married and pops a little one out too.
but don't you worry that doesn't mean you wont have anyone to play with.
aunt sherrie had cousin quinn not long before i was married.
i bet you two will be close (especially if you're a boy)
a boy. just thinking about that made me smile.
i also want you to know just what amazing great grandparents you have.
absolutely amazing.
they are so steadfast in the church and such examples to me.
they are who i look up to for my future family,
because with the families they have, they must have done something right!
i am excited to have you grow up knowing them,.
i remember my great grandparents and feels blessed to have memories with them.
not everyone grows up knowing their great grandparents so don't ever take that for granit.
ooo and let me tell you about daddys family.
well first off its a gorgeous family, with so much love.
grandma brian could be the next martha stewart (one day you will know what/who i am talking about)
and grandpa brian is probably going to be the one to take you on your first motorcycle ride.
(when your old enough of course)
you daddy's sisters are so excited to meet you.
i can't wait for you to meet them.
i mean seriously the cutest girls ever!
oh and otis of course... you daddy's gentleman caller (his dog)
i just got all gitty inside thinking about snapping pictures of you playing with otis.
there is just so much to be thankfull for with you in my tummy.
i want to you know that you have been super easy on mommy.
you didn't make me sick at all, just very very tired.
but mommy loves to sleep anyways, so that wasn't so bad.
so thank you for that.
you should also know that there is a good chance you will be born in alaska.
it really is gorgeous and hopfully things will be warm enough for you by april.
well i better try to sleep its almost 2 in the morning.
i will write you again soon.
i kinda like writing you notes.
p.s. i love you. WE LOVE YOU!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


certain days it seems i only want to eat certain things.
bagels with strawberry cream cheese.
i've had two already.

Friday, December 3, 2010

my favorite free holiday printables this season


find the link to each below, starting from left to right:

1. monogram gift tag 

2. cute downloadable wrapping paper

3. christmas warning labels

4. trendy reindeer gift tag

5. reindeer orange and blue gift tag

6. holiday candy bar wrappers

* * *
i always feel odd putting printables on a tutorial site.
that's why these finds are on this blog instead of GS.
but, knowing me, it will probably find its way on there eventually.
hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

baby kicks....cory

i think every blog post deserves a picture.
even if it has absolutely nothing to do with the post.
think of it as our way of documenting bethel.
* * *
this boat cor found just laying on the side of the road.
we have been here a year and haven't noticed it till this week.
its crazy the things you find in this little town.
 anyways, story.
so its like five in the morning and cory and i are up talking
(somehow we both woke up at the same time)
after we get some water and lay back down i tell him that i haven't felt the baby kick all day.
you must know that i feel the baby all the time, so to not feel it was weird.
cory tells me not to worry and that he would get him to kick for me.
he then starts knocking on my tummy like you would at someone front door
and REALLY loud says, "hey you baby. WAKE UP."
after probably blowing out my babies newly formed ear drums
he puts his head on my tummy and listens.
i don't know if he expected the baby to talk back or what.
but the next thing i know the baby does the BIGGEST HARDEST KICK YET.
right on cory's face.
i laughed so hard.
i could just see this pissed off zygote telling his dad to BACK THE HECK OFF!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

what to name our bump?

so lately we've been thinking hard about baby names.
i mean seriously this little bump needs a name.
i'm tired of calling it "zy." (which is short for zygote, of course.)
and i am super tired of hearing cory call it fetus.
no no zygote and fetus just wont cut it anymore.
baby bump needs a name.
we still don't know if it is a boy or girl yet.
(i am secretly hoping for a girl)
(cory says he doesn't care, but i know he wants a boy)
if we DO infact have a girl the name picking will be easy...
we know we will name her BERLIN.
but have no idea for a middle name.
what would be a good middle name?

and if its a boy.
ummm... we're screwed.
the best we have come up with is

HARRISON RICHARD (hehe, just for the nick name) ((this was sue's idea!))

no no we are just kidding we wouldn't put our child through such misery.
but it is fun to think about...
i mean we all know someone out there really named their son harrison richard aka harry dick.

it's sad that those two names are the only ones we have come up with.
clever as they are, i will not have my sons nick name be harry dick.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

i really hate venting on a blog, but...

random bethel pic
see how the lake is freezing...brr
wow. i am lame.
it is a saturday night and i am blogging.
i have had two girls crying tonight over boys they've never hung out with.
i have had two boys get upset because i wouldn't take them to the basketball courts to play.
and i had one girl come back from the hospital completely high on whatever they gave her.
AND they want me to give her more of that stuff in an hour.
AND AND they want me to bring her back to the hospital at 4am for another IV.
(seriously would 7am really make that much difference?)
what happened to my pre bethel life?
i miss that life.
lately i spend my saturday nights waiting up for teens to come home before curfew.
the old me would have been out and about on a weekend.
cory and i would be at a friends for a game night,
or maybe on a date (i will never think light of dates again)
whatever we would be doing at least it we would be with friends and family.
sure. bethel has brought cory and i closer than we ever have been.
sure. bethel literally jump started our marriage in leaps and bounds financially.
sure. bethel not just helped me to grow up, but made me grow up. i am different...
 in a good way.
and i know in the end this small little year will make all the difference.
BUT it can seriously suck (pardon the language)
i am lonely.
i miss my family.
oh my goodness, understatement of the year.... I REALLY MISS MY FAMILY!
i can't wait to be home for christmas.
cory and i both agree that we need a re-charge. a re-boot session if you will.
then we can head right back to bethel and stay till april...
once april comes we'll go back to utah and have the baby.
then head back to bethel in june to finish another round of summer working for cory.
crazy plans. but hey. we're a couple who is always making plans and goals.
i'm sorry if i sound blah. i really hate venting on the blog.
i dont' know. you must have caught me on a bad night, i did just wake up from a nap.
well if you call accidentally falling asleep to grey's anatomy on hulu a nap.

thanks for reading, but another dorm girl is screaming at her boyfriend on the phone.
i need to go.

don't worry about me. i am just in a funk. i will love life again tomorrow....
i always do.

p.s. i am 18 weeks. baby is the size of a sweet potato!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

green submarine is my escape.

seriously. wow. so flippin cool.
i can't explain enough how GS has helped me get through bethel.
when you live in a small town for a YEAR where your only close friend is your husband....
 you need an out.
and GS was my out.
i remember when i first started that blog
and thought it would be awesome if i could get 10 followers.
seriously. thank you to all my friend who spread the word.
it makes my day!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
to all those who haven't been to GS, go.
 it's a fun site to find diy projects, nothing more.
click below to check it out:
ps. sorry for being kinda a blogging bum lately.
we are SUPER busy picking out our first home!
woot woot.
in the next 6 months, i could have a new baby, a new house, and finally live in a new state!
(sorry az friends. the home we want is in orem, utah)
(( but now i can come visit you, only a 10 hour drive away ))

p.s.s baby is now this big!
Your Baby: Week 16
*click for source*

Saturday, October 23, 2010

year one. {complete}

one year older.
our marriage that is.
last sunday was our anniversary.
so i thought i would give you a
a look into our wedding book.
i love this book.
i love him.

happy one year.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

snow in sept.

moment of silence please... as we say goodbye to summer.
oooo and while were at it, lets just skip fall and jump right into winter!

alaska, i no longer like you.

on a brighter note:
the baby is as big as a plum.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hello baby.

say hello to baby!
today was a great day.
we got woken up to evacuate our home, because they thought the school was on fire.
 - it wasn't.
when we went to the hospital they said that my appointment didn't exist.
 - lots of waiting.
i couldn't pee all morning because they wanted me to have a full blatter for the ultrasound.
- i swear it wouldn't have made a difference.
watched cory's face turn pale as the ultrasound tech put gel on my tummy.
- we were scared we would see two babies.
i watched the screen as one baby jiggled and danced around.
- one half little jumping bean. one half alien.
got a print of our babies first picture.
- as seen above. so flippin cute.
went to my doctor to have a follow up.
- they said i didn't have an appointment either. figures.
the doctor let cory use the little tool to find the babies heartbeat.
- i thought it was a cute way to involve the husband.
went to subway for breakfast.
- yum. the only fast food in bethel.
brought my ultrasound picture EVERYWHERE, and showed it off to EVERYONE!
- if you were in bethel i would have shown you too.
spent the day at work staring and my little zygote.
- aw. this feels so real now. i am officially excited!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


its true.
we are expecting in april.
april 19th to be exact.
-  -  -
i know we are supposed to wait till week 12 to tell.
but i'm sick of not being able to blog about it.
so week eleven sounds close enough to me.
-  -  -
anyways, back to being pregnant.
freak me out. seriously.
this is not part of the plan.
but hey.
i've been with cory for almost four years.
why not mix things up a bit?
everyone is excited.
at first i was terrified. and sad.
now it's starting to sink in more and i might even be excited too.
luckily. it seems everyone and their mom is having babies right now.
or had one in the past year.
so our little zygote (that is what we call it) will have babies to play with.
also my this little lime in my tummy will be like a little brother or sister to kaylee.
crazy to think me and kaylee are 17 years apart and my kid will only be 6 years apart from her.
i will have more of an update on tuesday, that is our first ultrasound.
pray its not twins!
...seriously, PRAY
oh and for the record:
this is all cory's fault.

Friday, September 17, 2010

flower thief.

cory brought me flowers today.
i think for three reasons.
1. he hardly ever brings me flowers (so he is trying to make up for lost effort)
2. i haven't been feeling up to par. one word: yuck.
3. month eleven of our marriage officially begins today.

i still don't know how he found them.
i never see flowers in bethel and i know they don't sell them at stores.
maybe he stole them from a yard?
or maybe he was a gentleman and asked if he could take them. . .
(ya. because that sounds like cory...ha)
however he got them, i think they are quite lovely.
thanks babe.
happy eleven months.

Friday, September 10, 2010

my boy is back in town.

today is the day.
hip hip hooray.

seriously. that was a long time cory.
i think we need to put a ten day limit on vacations apart.
well, it will be good to have you home.
one more thing...
you are taking the kids tonight. i am going crazy.

sorry about the cleavage in this photo.
it didn't look that bad until it was blown up.
you can blame it on a weird camera angle.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

best 5 bucks i've ever spent.

did i mention i live in an elementary school?
yep. this lovely door you see will lead you to the kitchen and family room.
but the door has a problem.
it stopped locking.
usually it is always locked. like we don't even have a key for it.
it is just always locked.
you can get out but you CAN'T get it.
and that is how i like it.
well magically the door decided it wanted people to be able to get in and out.
with cory being gone... YES cory is gone. 12 day vacation to AZ/UT.
seeing family and friends.
since i got to go to san diago without him, he gets his own vacation without me.
haha. yes we take our vacations without each other.
kinda weird for newly weds....
wait. am i still technically a newly wed?
or am i now just another married person?
i wonder when the cut off is.

anyways back to the door.
so it wont lock.
not good.
especially that i am alone at night with 10 teens.
i worried about them (and i) being safe.
so determined to get the door fixed i grabbed some tools and got to work.
for about twenty minutes i studied how the door opened and shut
how the gears turned and the do-hicky arm thing at the top allowed the door to open.
i tried finding a lock for a key.
then tried every key i had.
seriously, i tried everything.
finally i got tired of trying and decided to bribe the kids.
i marched into the girls dorm and said,
"i'll give 5 bucks to anyone that can figure out how to lock the front door"
the girls got up fast to give it a try.
they opened it and shut it.
watched it and poked it.
then shawna walked in and asked what we were doing.
obviously she had missed my bribing speech.
we told her that we were trying to lock the door.
she walked over.
looked at it.
opened it (just once)
then walked over to the kitchen
i thought she wasn't going to try
next thing i know she is back with a fork
she jammed it in a little area of the door and said, "try to open it now."
it wouldn't.
i gave her the 5 bucks and said thanks.
best 5 bucks i've ever spent.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

drunk people peed on our door.

(night time in bethel)

cory is my hero.
okay that is kinda lame, but listen to what happened today.
so we were in laying bed watching date night
some of the girls start knocking on our door saying there were some drunk people outside their door.
so of course we get up to go look through the window to see.
the girls were completely right.
two drunk people (a couple) were sitting on the stairs to the dorms from door.
cory went the door to tell them to leave, while us girls watch from the window.
well get this, cory opens the door and to his surprise the guy has his p**** out
and was peeing on our door.
i probably would have screamed and locked the door (and ran away),
but he took the more manly approach
us girls couldn't see the guy peeing we could only see the girl he was with,
but we could hear cory.
he was yelling loud, saying that this was a school and that what the guy was doing could land him in jail.
he also yelled other stuff but i couldn't remember.
ooh and cory made the guy apologise to him!
then cor called his friends as the police station and had them come pick up the couple.
i was so proud of him and the girls were laughing really hard.
in bethel i see a lot of drunk people.
most of which are completely harmless and wont bother you.
but some people can be a little aggressive.
and like i found out yesterday other drunks just want to pee on your door.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


(our first babs house)
we are officially saying goodbye to our second babs house.
our next home will be the new girls/boys dorm.
this will be our third move in eight months. sheesh.
i can't even explain the new school.
something only pictures could describe.
- lets just say we are literally living in a elementary school.
- - - classrooms and all. oh and my kitchen is the cafeteria.
hope everyone having a good LONG weekend.
our has consisted of packing and moving...
ho hum, not the most exciting time.
still cory and i are enjoying the last couple days without kids.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

dead things.

a quick visit to cory's work usually results in me playing with some dead things.
see the thing behind the buffalo?
its a wolverine...
think about how sexy wolverine is in x-men
and to think he is named after that weird looking animal. hmmm, interesting.

yeah. its kinda creepy in there.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

living the simple life.

i'm not a stalker.
it might look like it.
but really i'm not.
i just am trying to document our life here more.
the people, the places... pretty much everything.
i mean we wont be here forever, sigh.
i never thought i would say this, but i will be devastated to leave.
i can't even explain how different my life is in bethel.
it keeps cory and i so close knit.
+ it has helped me to grow up.
all in all we are living the simple life.
no one here knows what seven jeans are or have any idea what nordstrom would sell.
people are just happy and excepting.
they don't care what you look like, what you are wearing, or what kinda of car you drive.
they just care that you are healthy, doing well, and enjoying life.

some of the nicest people on earth live in bethel. swear it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

welcome to yupik class. please take a seat.

random pictures unrelated to post.

cory and i have lived in bethel for almost seven months now.
we have learned a lot about the native people and culture.
but there is one thing that we are still trying to get a grasp on...

i have started to pick up on some words and phrases, such as:
(this is not the actual yupik spelling of the words)
((i tried to write them in a way that you could sound them out))

uss = listen to me
una wha ni = you or this one
die-gaa = come here
quyana = thank you
umpy = hurry up
as piq = good

so if i wanted to say, "hey you, hurry up!"
i would say, "una wha ni, umpy!"

well that concludes your first lesson in yupik.
come back next time for you lesson on numbers!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

just because i had a BIG camera

another family i took pictures for
here's the story.

i have a big camera. *thank you cory.
a camera that i LOvE taking pictures with.
trust me i do take a lot of pictures.

well somehow at my family reunion it got around
and i was asked to take some family shots.
umm... all i could say was 
"sure, but seriously i have NO IDEA what i am doing."
which is very honest.
i might take a lot of pictures, but it does not mean a lot turn out good. if any sometimes.
i need to take a class, or at least have someone teach me how to use my camera.
anyways i happily took their pictures
and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.
not professional looking by any means, but at least they were in focus. (well most at least)

p.s. i want rice crispy treats.
like right now.
the homemade kind and still hot please.
ah. oooie gooie yummy-ness!!