Friday, February 26, 2010

i'm a statistic.

While looking for DIY projects for my little craft archive. greensubmarine.

I came across a statistic. . .
A National Sleep Foundation survey reported that 23 percent of married Americans sleep alone .
omgosh! i'm a statistic!
the second i saw this i showed cor.
we laughed and laughed.

Cory is still in training for his new job. He works four 12 hour shifts then has four days off. Right now his shifts are from 8pm to 8am. He lives while I sleep, and sleeps while I live. Today I saw him for a total of 30 minutes. I get home, hang out with the girls, then wake Cory up at seven. YES seven pm. He then goes to work, I go to sleep. At eight I call my cab, he is walking in to door as I am walking out. He heads straight upstairs and then up more stairs to bed.

that is life as we know it. it will change soon. but for now,

i do sleep alone.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

which one do you like? if any.

I decided that love inspiration projects life is now my favorite quote, thanks hun. (quote from this post)
I also decided that I wanted to make a small poster of it to frame.
-- the frame is white and my walls are a light grey color.
I wish I had adobe illustrator or photoshop. Working with just plain old (already installed on your computer when you get it) paint is getting boring.
i like each one but the top right. I will probably end up using the simple tan one, but i'll see what cory thinks.

i needed a good one.

I used to be BIG into the Secret. I love the movie, the books and the concepts they teach. I honestly believe in the power of positive affrimations and the good they can bring to your life. But whether you are reading the Secret, You Can Heal Your Life, or How to be HAPPY Dammit... they all say the same thing, WE NEED TO SHOW GRATITUDE FOR THE GOOD IN OUR LIFE. so this post is my way of showing gratitude for a really good week. I haven't had one for a long time. Anyone that helped make my week what it was, THANK YOU.

30 degree weather all week (which now feels really warm).
fyi: the baby belongs to gorgeous new mommy jacque.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

month four begins.

four months ago (yesterday) i married my best friend. he is perfect for me in every way. not every second is fun and games, but for 95% of the time things are great! just in case he ever decides to read this blog i wanted to have some pictures of the U2 concert(s) we enjoyed on our honeymoon. HE LOVES U2!

- cory if you ever read this, these pictures are for you! happy 4 months babe.... LETS GET SUSHI TO CELEBRATE! yummy gangster roll.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

just five more minutes.

I know. I know. It's time for bed. With work starting sooner then I would like, I really should be asleep. BUT I'M NOT. Want to know why? Because my bestie . M A E . made cookies! Not just any cookies BUT the exact fortune cookies that I posted on GreenSubmarine! Thanks for letting me know you were!
They turned out perfect!
FYI: for this. next time i am with you, we are going craiglist kitty hunting. (maybe this time we wont actually take them home with us.)

finklestein & bogford bogneilious the 3rd

(title of post?)
- - - our nicknames for eachother. i'm bogford.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

say hello to yellena.

I LOvE to doodle. Most people that have known me for awhile know this. I can sit with a pen and paper for hours, just drawing. Usually something abstract, because if no one can tell what it is... no one can tell if it's good or bad! I found this artist on ETSY a loooong time ago and have loved her ever since.
I swear these little blog pictures don't do her work justice!
Visit Yellena.

Monday, February 15, 2010

thanks kayla.

summer 07. my good and darling friend kalya came to visit me in utah. she brought with her a thirst for change. we decided to spend the next couple of days dedicated to ourselves. we went to walmart and bought notebooks and pens of all colors. a trip to the book store was next, where many uplifting books were purchased. lastly we came back to the house laid a blanket on the grass and watched the temple start to glow as it go dark. we literally spent the next couple days reading books, sharing insights, and writing in our notebooks. One of the books that Kayla introduced me to during her visit was Succulent Wild Women by Sark. if your looking for a fun book dedicated to being a girl and kicking butt in this world, read this.
- - -
there is one exercise that we both particularly liked. it is simple, yet meaningful. try it out when you have 20 to 30 minutes to spare.
- - -
get a piece of paper and start to list your fears, worries, and concerns about life. my list was about 9 things. i have done this with other people who had lengthy lists with about 25 things. after your list is complete. get a new piece of paper. on this new piece of paper you are going to write yourself advice about the worries you listed before. give the advice as if you were comforting a friend. the end results are amazing. i still have the list i made with kayla years ago. it stays in my wallet and goes with me everywhere!
- - -
(when i have some time i will find the exact exercises from the book, i am sure Sark can explain it better then i can).

quote? what quote?

Cory (hubby) was reading my newest blog a couple of days ago. After looking through it he said, "Where did you get that quote? I really like it." Confused I answered him, "Quote? What Quote?" He quickly scrolled up the screen and pointed to this:

Now I was even more confused. "That is not a quote." It is just a little banner saying that this blog is about my loves, my inspiration, my projects, my life."
Now he looked confused. "It is? I thought it said, loves inspiration projects life. Like the inspiration of love projects (pronounced like a movie projector) life."
Umm. Woe! I would have never ever thought of my little banner blurp that way. Isn't it interesting that two people could look at the exact same sentence and get completely different meanings from it.
Now his interpretation is the only way I look at it.
"loves inspiration projects life." - cory brian

pillow talk.

top row: glam design (all $24.95 for pair)

bottom row: mod diva ($14.95, $18.95, $26.95)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

green submarine.

2010 has not only brought me a new year, home, and occupation. It has also brought me an unrelenting desire to create and blog! Yes, I am a kindergarten blogger, more like I'm still in pre-school. The only reason I even began this addicting new hobby as a blogger, or should I say blog(stalker), was for my family. I wanted everyone to see pictures of Bethel and reassure my parents that YES I am okay. Well, about two weeks into my first blog Briansinbethel I realized my worst fear had actualized, I loved to blog. So with this new found love I created my second blog, greensubmarine. Greensubmarine is my own little spot in the world, a place where I can list the lovely DIY projects my heart longs to complete. Have I even started on one? Nope. That in itself is depressing. See Bethel, the quaint town in Alaska we moved to, does not have a craft store. It actually doesn't have many stores at all. So I am doomed to order online. Woe woe, I know what you are thinking, that there is nothing wrong with ordering online. You're totally right, there's not. But when you have 40 projects that you think about constantly. It's hard to pick just one to start AND not to mention it takes about two weeks for things to get here (another plus to being in Alaska). My newly wed of a husband says that I can pick one project, doesn't matter the cost, order the supplies, then craft my little heart out. But the catch is I can't start a new project till the first one is done, sneaky husband of mine. So I continue to list more and more crafts on GreenSubmarine, think of it as my wish list. I plan to only show my FINISHED projects on my newest blog, angelabrian, the one you are reading. Oh YES forgot to tell you. I decided I LOVED blogging so much I would create a 3rd blog, third and final... I hope. So feel free to click on the little link for greensubmarine anytime you desire. I will always be posting my favorite DIY ideas, as I come across them constantly.

sigh. can you tell i have some free time on my hands??

kaylee nina.

kaylee ann
tay tay bo nay nay
mini me

YES. I chose to leave beautiful Utah, with it's Brick Oven, Pizza Factory, and Sushi Ya. Ah! my mouth is watering just typing this. I left Utah for bitter cold Alaska. Although my new town is gorgeous, friendly, and lucrative. I MISS MY real home and most of all I MISS MY family! Nothing against my mom, dad, or older (who really is younger) sister, but I strictly am having Kaylee Nina withdrawals today. Being away from that little ball sunshine has really taken a toll on me. She turned 5 days before I left. A year of her life I wont be that big a of part in. Which is pretty much AWFUL.
Tay. I just want you to know that I plan to make up for this year, with interest. When I come home prepare yourself for some serious KAYLEE/ANGIE time! With barns, sharks, chick-fil-a, and anything else your little person of a heart desires.


Are you feeling glum? Do you lay up at night and wonder, why is this happening to me? This book is for you! Are you perfectly happy and 100 percent content with your life? Do you lay up at night wondering, how did my life get so great? This book is for you! It doesn't matter whether your happy or sad READ.THIS.BOOK! I started with pretty little orange up there, from the time I finished the second page... I was hooked. This book is covered with gorgeous pictures and insightful info, which is just waiting to give you that perfect AH-HA moment!

I Promise you'll love it.

I haven't read the candy apple green to the right yet, but IT IS ON ITS WAY as we speak. I only put it up there because even if it is half as good as pretty little orange IT IS WORTH IT!

Interested? Get a used one. Save money! (How to be Happy, Dammit - $1.43 on

Friday, February 12, 2010