Monday, April 26, 2010

2 down 4 to STAY.

Today we lost another one of our dorm girls, one of my favorites actually.

*girls if you ever read this, i love you tons and am so proud of you*

i say we lost another, because two weeks ago we lost our first one.

NO they didn't die or anything.

They just made some bad choices (which everyone does) and were dismissed from BABS.

I am sure we will see them again next semeseter....


this is such a blessing!!!

i am so excited.

cory is so excited.

the dorm kids are so excited.

We just got the news today.

The boys dorm parent was going to take the position, but she radomly resigned today.

(i don't blame her she has been a dorm parents for YEARS)

besides, i was using the secret for that job SO MUCH that in the end she had no choice.

i knew the universe would find a way to open the position for me.

*it might sound funny, but i am really trying to get back into the secret*

(some of my happiest moments were when i followed along with it)


now for those of you who have gotten one of my "i need to vent" phone calls you might not understand why i am excited about taking this new dorm parent position. YES being a dorm parent has been absolutly crazy, challenging, and mind numbing. BUT it also has been very rewarding. I have grown so close to these kids. I know their story, their struggles, and their goals. being able to be that back bone for them is (like i said) very rewarding.

and that is the one and only reason i do this job.

of course i am not doing it for the *free rent *free food *free cars

i mean being a dorm parent for those reasons would just be selfish. hehe.


FYI: i know that jobs can be a little hard to come by right now.

there is another dorm parent job opening at the college,

if some young couple wants to really SAVE money.

i promise BETHEL ALASKA is the place to do it!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

turn right onto gunderson it's the big blue house. you can't miss it!

this is where we live!
it's a huge place.
i was in the school yesterday and found this picture of our home!
a student took it last summer for a project.
trust me right now it does not look like this.
the lake by our house is frozen.
the trees are brown not green,
and there is currently no rainbow outside.
this gives you an idea how beautiful the summers in bethel will be.
i can't wait!

Saturday, April 10, 2010 - SIX!

It was six months ago to the day that Cory and I officially tied the knot. We can't believe half a year has already gone by! We have already had more adventures in six months then some couples have in their first 5 years! Married life has been a breeze, honestly, it really has. Other than packing up and moving clear across our continent, things have been great. We think that we work so well together because we dated for a LONG time. Try 3 years LONG. But because of that time we now know each other extremely well. ALL in ALL things are good. Who knows where we will be in the next six months. All we know is that we will still be together, constantly craving sushi, and planning for our future.

(we makes goals for everything)

the first picture we ever took together!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

cory turns 25!

pic uno: cory being a pirate with my new yoga mat

pic dos: cory doing what he loves

pic tres: cory's 22 birthday. (don't worry)
it's a birthday candle.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

our easter feast.

yesterday we bought all sorts of things to make a yummy
easter roast, with mashed potatoes, veggies, and the works.
- - -
well today before we went to church to watch conference
we realized... we don't want roast.
after leaving we decided that we really wanted
breakfast sandwiches.
we came home got working on our easter feast.
ah. that makes me miss los!(and you)

definitely not my grandma's easter cooking.
but still a great easter in bethel.

ducks unlimited

last night
cory and i went to a ducks unlimited benefit dinner.
it is a group that supports the preservation of water foul or something... i don't really know. all i know is that i enjoyed myself.
we ate great food and watched people blow thousands of dollars.

there was an auction and a raffle.
it cost us $100's to go, which got us dinner and seven raffle tickets. once you got there you could buy more raffle tickets in package amounts of $50, $100, $500, $1000.
i couldn't believe how many people got the $500 and $1000 packages.
it was crazy.
along with an amazing prime rib dinner they had cake too.
the first cake i've had in bethel.
i was hoping the frosting would be REAL frosting not that whipped stuff.
cory was hoping for the whipped stuff.... it was whipped.
just for the record if anyone ever wants to make me a cake.
i like non-whipped frosting.
bethel really does have a fun small town feel to it.
like i said before, if anything happens EVERYONE comes out to enjoy it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

i sure hope...

these past two days sure haven't been nice.
i was at the hospital today.
i got a call at work and one of my dorm girls was sick.
you try explaining to your boss that you have to take the
rest of the day off because your dorm child is sick...
umm, that didn't go over so well. *sigh*