Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hello baby.

say hello to baby!
today was a great day.
we got woken up to evacuate our home, because they thought the school was on fire.
 - it wasn't.
when we went to the hospital they said that my appointment didn't exist.
 - lots of waiting.
i couldn't pee all morning because they wanted me to have a full blatter for the ultrasound.
- i swear it wouldn't have made a difference.
watched cory's face turn pale as the ultrasound tech put gel on my tummy.
- we were scared we would see two babies.
i watched the screen as one baby jiggled and danced around.
- one half little jumping bean. one half alien.
got a print of our babies first picture.
- as seen above. so flippin cute.
went to my doctor to have a follow up.
- they said i didn't have an appointment either. figures.
the doctor let cory use the little tool to find the babies heartbeat.
- i thought it was a cute way to involve the husband.
went to subway for breakfast.
- yum. the only fast food in bethel.
brought my ultrasound picture EVERYWHERE, and showed it off to EVERYONE!
- if you were in bethel i would have shown you too.
spent the day at work staring and my little zygote.
- aw. this feels so real now. i am officially excited!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


its true.
we are expecting in april.
april 19th to be exact.
-  -  -
i know we are supposed to wait till week 12 to tell.
but i'm sick of not being able to blog about it.
so week eleven sounds close enough to me.
-  -  -
anyways, back to being pregnant.
freak me out. seriously.
this is not part of the plan.
but hey.
i've been with cory for almost four years.
why not mix things up a bit?
everyone is excited.
at first i was terrified. and sad.
now it's starting to sink in more and i might even be excited too.
luckily. it seems everyone and their mom is having babies right now.
or had one in the past year.
so our little zygote (that is what we call it) will have babies to play with.
also my this little lime in my tummy will be like a little brother or sister to kaylee.
crazy to think me and kaylee are 17 years apart and my kid will only be 6 years apart from her.
i will have more of an update on tuesday, that is our first ultrasound.
pray its not twins!
...seriously, PRAY
oh and for the record:
this is all cory's fault.

Friday, September 17, 2010

flower thief.

cory brought me flowers today.
i think for three reasons.
1. he hardly ever brings me flowers (so he is trying to make up for lost effort)
2. i haven't been feeling up to par. one word: yuck.
3. month eleven of our marriage officially begins today.

i still don't know how he found them.
i never see flowers in bethel and i know they don't sell them at stores.
maybe he stole them from a yard?
or maybe he was a gentleman and asked if he could take them. . .
(ya. because that sounds like cory...ha)
however he got them, i think they are quite lovely.
thanks babe.
happy eleven months.

Friday, September 10, 2010

my boy is back in town.

today is the day.
hip hip hooray.

seriously. that was a long time cory.
i think we need to put a ten day limit on vacations apart.
well, it will be good to have you home.
one more thing...
you are taking the kids tonight. i am going crazy.

sorry about the cleavage in this photo.
it didn't look that bad until it was blown up.
you can blame it on a weird camera angle.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

best 5 bucks i've ever spent.

did i mention i live in an elementary school?
yep. this lovely door you see will lead you to the kitchen and family room.
but the door has a problem.
it stopped locking.
usually it is always locked. like we don't even have a key for it.
it is just always locked.
you can get out but you CAN'T get it.
and that is how i like it.
well magically the door decided it wanted people to be able to get in and out.
with cory being gone... YES cory is gone. 12 day vacation to AZ/UT.
seeing family and friends.
since i got to go to san diago without him, he gets his own vacation without me.
haha. yes we take our vacations without each other.
kinda weird for newly weds....
wait. am i still technically a newly wed?
or am i now just another married person?
i wonder when the cut off is.

anyways back to the door.
so it wont lock.
not good.
especially that i am alone at night with 10 teens.
i worried about them (and i) being safe.
so determined to get the door fixed i grabbed some tools and got to work.
for about twenty minutes i studied how the door opened and shut
how the gears turned and the do-hicky arm thing at the top allowed the door to open.
i tried finding a lock for a key.
then tried every key i had.
seriously, i tried everything.
finally i got tired of trying and decided to bribe the kids.
i marched into the girls dorm and said,
"i'll give 5 bucks to anyone that can figure out how to lock the front door"
the girls got up fast to give it a try.
they opened it and shut it.
watched it and poked it.
then shawna walked in and asked what we were doing.
obviously she had missed my bribing speech.
we told her that we were trying to lock the door.
she walked over.
looked at it.
opened it (just once)
then walked over to the kitchen
i thought she wasn't going to try
next thing i know she is back with a fork
she jammed it in a little area of the door and said, "try to open it now."
it wouldn't.
i gave her the 5 bucks and said thanks.
best 5 bucks i've ever spent.