Saturday, July 30, 2011

lamb-ie is her favorite toy.

here you go mom....
i am soooo behind on bryn pictures.
she is tons bigger than these pics give her credit for.
i need to step it up, huh.
well no matter what pictures i post, we sure do LOvE this girl!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

mommy's cutie.

i can't get enough of this girl. i know i know typical mom thing so say, but it's true. we JUST got back to anchorage from homer, Alaska. our little family plus two other couples we know went on a tour Alaska adventure. first to homer, then to McDonald's spit, then to seldovia. i have a bazillion pictures to post, but i haven't had time to go through them yet, so those are to come. i seriously can't wait for you to see them, we have pictures of little brynlee with crab the size of her! but for now let me just tell you that brynlee was so cute about a week ago that i had to snap two thousand and one pictures of her. and that my friends is what you see above.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

she loves her dad.

one of the best experiences of having a baby is watching your husband turn into a dad.
i swear that girl has the ability to melt him like butter.
she sure knows when he's around, anytime she hears his voice she gets excited.
i love my family.

Friday, July 15, 2011

bryn has as bethel bud

our close friends moved up to bethel, what were they thinking... just kidding.
they have a SUPER cute little boy named ASHER.
it might not look like it here Bryn really enjoys the company!
aren't they are soo cute together.
he goes out of his way to bring her a binkie and blanket.
sometimes he even tries to feed her his dinner.
oh and he LOVES to hold her!

we sure have enjoyed having the decker family in bethel!
but, it hasn't stopped there...
our other friends moved her the Sorg family.
they don't have any kids, but having them around sure makes bethel better.

We are all going on a trip next week to different place in ALASKA.
we are going to be going to HOMER, ANCHORAGE, SEWARD, plus the best part..
McDonalds Spit, where we will stay in our friends cabin and go crab fishing!

our arizona friends sure are nice to have around.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

binkies and a bare brynlee.

first of all let me tell you that i absolutely am obsessed with this little peanut above.
she. is. amazing!
she also is in alaska.
while on was on my maternity leave two of our close friends moved up.
it is SO nice having two more couples to play with.

tonight we all cooked up a salmon. cory had caught it an hour earlier.
it doesn't look it here but it really was yummy.