Sunday, November 28, 2010

what to name our bump?

so lately we've been thinking hard about baby names.
i mean seriously this little bump needs a name.
i'm tired of calling it "zy." (which is short for zygote, of course.)
and i am super tired of hearing cory call it fetus.
no no zygote and fetus just wont cut it anymore.
baby bump needs a name.
we still don't know if it is a boy or girl yet.
(i am secretly hoping for a girl)
(cory says he doesn't care, but i know he wants a boy)
if we DO infact have a girl the name picking will be easy...
we know we will name her BERLIN.
but have no idea for a middle name.
what would be a good middle name?

and if its a boy.
ummm... we're screwed.
the best we have come up with is

HARRISON RICHARD (hehe, just for the nick name) ((this was sue's idea!))

no no we are just kidding we wouldn't put our child through such misery.
but it is fun to think about...
i mean we all know someone out there really named their son harrison richard aka harry dick.

it's sad that those two names are the only ones we have come up with.
clever as they are, i will not have my sons nick name be harry dick.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

i really hate venting on a blog, but...

random bethel pic
see how the lake is freezing...brr
wow. i am lame.
it is a saturday night and i am blogging.
i have had two girls crying tonight over boys they've never hung out with.
i have had two boys get upset because i wouldn't take them to the basketball courts to play.
and i had one girl come back from the hospital completely high on whatever they gave her.
AND they want me to give her more of that stuff in an hour.
AND AND they want me to bring her back to the hospital at 4am for another IV.
(seriously would 7am really make that much difference?)
what happened to my pre bethel life?
i miss that life.
lately i spend my saturday nights waiting up for teens to come home before curfew.
the old me would have been out and about on a weekend.
cory and i would be at a friends for a game night,
or maybe on a date (i will never think light of dates again)
whatever we would be doing at least it we would be with friends and family.
sure. bethel has brought cory and i closer than we ever have been.
sure. bethel literally jump started our marriage in leaps and bounds financially.
sure. bethel not just helped me to grow up, but made me grow up. i am different...
 in a good way.
and i know in the end this small little year will make all the difference.
BUT it can seriously suck (pardon the language)
i am lonely.
i miss my family.
oh my goodness, understatement of the year.... I REALLY MISS MY FAMILY!
i can't wait to be home for christmas.
cory and i both agree that we need a re-charge. a re-boot session if you will.
then we can head right back to bethel and stay till april...
once april comes we'll go back to utah and have the baby.
then head back to bethel in june to finish another round of summer working for cory.
crazy plans. but hey. we're a couple who is always making plans and goals.
i'm sorry if i sound blah. i really hate venting on the blog.
i dont' know. you must have caught me on a bad night, i did just wake up from a nap.
well if you call accidentally falling asleep to grey's anatomy on hulu a nap.

thanks for reading, but another dorm girl is screaming at her boyfriend on the phone.
i need to go.

don't worry about me. i am just in a funk. i will love life again tomorrow....
i always do.

p.s. i am 18 weeks. baby is the size of a sweet potato!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

green submarine is my escape.

seriously. wow. so flippin cool.
i can't explain enough how GS has helped me get through bethel.
when you live in a small town for a YEAR where your only close friend is your husband....
 you need an out.
and GS was my out.
i remember when i first started that blog
and thought it would be awesome if i could get 10 followers.
seriously. thank you to all my friend who spread the word.
it makes my day!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
to all those who haven't been to GS, go.
 it's a fun site to find diy projects, nothing more.
click below to check it out:
ps. sorry for being kinda a blogging bum lately.
we are SUPER busy picking out our first home!
woot woot.
in the next 6 months, i could have a new baby, a new house, and finally live in a new state!
(sorry az friends. the home we want is in orem, utah)
(( but now i can come visit you, only a 10 hour drive away ))

p.s.s baby is now this big!
Your Baby: Week 16
*click for source*