Sunday, November 28, 2010

what to name our bump?

so lately we've been thinking hard about baby names.
i mean seriously this little bump needs a name.
i'm tired of calling it "zy." (which is short for zygote, of course.)
and i am super tired of hearing cory call it fetus.
no no zygote and fetus just wont cut it anymore.
baby bump needs a name.
we still don't know if it is a boy or girl yet.
(i am secretly hoping for a girl)
(cory says he doesn't care, but i know he wants a boy)
if we DO infact have a girl the name picking will be easy...
we know we will name her BERLIN.
but have no idea for a middle name.
what would be a good middle name?

and if its a boy.
ummm... we're screwed.
the best we have come up with is

HARRISON RICHARD (hehe, just for the nick name) ((this was sue's idea!))

no no we are just kidding we wouldn't put our child through such misery.
but it is fun to think about...
i mean we all know someone out there really named their son harrison richard aka harry dick.

it's sad that those two names are the only ones we have come up with.
clever as they are, i will not have my sons nick name be harry dick.


  1. HAHA! I lol'd at this! I LOVE the name Berlin, though:-) And I feel that it is a girl. And I am always right, so problem solved:-) ha

  2. I LOVE berlin!! Boys names are so hard. I like boring names like ryder, dylan, payton, and casey likes weird names like achilles, nephi, moroni, I say name him bob. I AM SO EXCITED YOUR HAVING A BABY!!!

  3. great name choice. i love it fo real. be a girl be a girl be a girl.

  4. Well that's funny. If we ever have a girl we r screwed cuz we can't ever agree on girl names. I love names that start with c or k like Cooper or Charlotte (charlie for short) or Kathryn (Kat for short). I also love Liam, my hubby shot that one down right away. Party Pooper. It'll come to ya! And it will fit them perfectly!

  5. my vote is for conon o brian if it's a boy. he'll grow up to be really tall with abnormally fluffy red hair and a quirky sense of would be so fitting :)