Thursday, June 2, 2011

brynlee with her new minky (thank you aunt becky)

i have strict orders from 'baby daddy' to take lots and lots of pictures while he is gone.
so i have been.
i wont get to alaska till the 18th of june.
till then, it's just me and baby (and my family, of course)
i can't tell you in words how amazing it is to be a mom.
it completely changed my outlook on life and has given me a new purpose.
i love my little family and truly feel so blessed each and every time i see her.

her little tongue just wont quit.

p.s. my mother in law introduced me to minky couture blankets, they are amazing!
i am completely hooked.
if you want to give someone an amazing baby gift, give them a minky blanket.
brynlee doesn't go anywhere without her pink one.
you can get them online, or if you want to buy them a lot cheaper
you can call the store in layton and they can send them to you.
 i will say it again, they are amazing!