Wednesday, May 11, 2011

cory leaves in two weeks.

cory leaves baby land (utah) in two weeks.
he has to be back to bethel by june 1st.
(hence the pictures below of him soaking up much needed brynlee time)
which means i will be on my own for three weeks after that.
it has officially been decided that i will come home on the 18th of june.
i have mixed feelings about leaving utah.
of course i will miss EVERYONE and all the generous HELP they give,
but i am really excited to see friends again.
we have been lucky enough to talk a couple or two into moving to bethel with us.
it took awhile to get our recruiting strategy down,
but i am pretty sure we could talk anyone into moving there now.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


(sorry for the low quality of pictures)

mothers day at the brians.
brynlee was a very happy camper that day.
her wonderful grandparents came to our house and picked her up for the night.
they said it was a mothers day present for them, but honestly it was a mother day present for me.
cory and i LOVED having the night off.
BUT when we woke up we are super excited to see baby again.

she is completely crazy about her aunts!

we might have messed with her a bit when she slept. might have.
she is so absolutely amazing in every way.
i can't get over how much we INSTANTLY fell in love with this little peanut.
and of course we needed a picture of the two of us on my first MOTHERS DAY.
i was not in the mood to have my picture taken, but for blogging/ journal purposes i gave in.

thanks for a wonderful mother day cory.
i love you sooo much!
*we really do make an amazing team together*

Saturday, May 7, 2011

the delivery that i don't remember.

cory and i flew in on april 10th. yes. delta airlines let me fly over 39 weeks pregnant. to be honest, i don't even think they're aloud to ask. the flight itself was interesting. we ran into cory's police chief right before we left bethel, he was nice enough to offer cory some advice on delivering babies on a plane. haha, ya that didn't make me nervous. from taking off to landing i was holding my tummy as we bounced around, trying to concentrate on feeling any sort of ache or pain. luckily no contractions, but i will tell you that my maternity pants were WAY too tight. so when everyone fell asleep on the plane i secretly took my pants off, well not completely but they were down to my knees. hehe. i had brought a large blanket and used that to cover my now showing unmentionables.
no one ever knew!

once we got to utah we had the wonderful experience of trying to find a doctor to take me at such a late notice. it was harder than i thought it would be. but luckily we found denise nippert, she was awesome! i had an appointment with her the friday following our arival to utah. she checked me and said that i was only a 1 and promised that i would go over my due date. we scheduled another appointment for monday so we could see if i would start to progress. monday rolls around (now officially one day past due) and no progress.

dr. nippert decided that i would check into the hospital two days later on wednesday (april 20th) at 7:00pm to be induced.

7:00pm - a nervous cory and i show up at jordan valley labor and delivery, we let the nurses know we are here to check in. they look at us like we are on crack and tell me that there were no scheduled inductions that night. so like mary had no room at the inn. angie had no bed at the hospital. we leave and are asked to call in at 10 to see if there is any room.

10:00pm (april 20th)- after heading to the movie theater and watching Aurthur, we call in.... still no room. check back at eleven they say.

11:00pm - yep, you guessed it no room.  call again in half  an hour.

11:30pm - WE HAVE A ROOM! it just needs to be cleaned (umm, yes. please. i would like a clean room)

12:00am (april 21st)- after driving around looking at houses, stopping by McDonald's for our last meal together without a child, we then slowly made our way to the hospital.

1:00am - all checked in, hooked up, and ready to go to sleep. the nurse comes in and gives me a cervix softening prescription. she tells me it takes six hours to work, so i need to go to bed and she would check me for progress in the morning.

7:00am - the nurse wakes me up. checks me..... no progress. they decide to start me on pitocin before my dr. comes to break my water.

7:30am - for the first time i start to feel some contractions. tho very very light, they are there, which means progress. the nurse validates my excitement... I AM AT A 2.

8:00am - my dr. comes in to break my water. they inform me that i can have my epidural at any time, i say that i am fine for right now...... note to self if they say you can have your epidural at ANY time, say I WANT IT NOW. the second the doctor left i had two huge contractions. by the time the second one ended cory was the one pushing my nurse button for my epidural. i think i was hurting his hand.

8:10am - a beautiful sight, my epidural man comes (seriously he came so fast, it was amazing).

11:00am - i feel a lot of pressure and call my nurse. she checks me and sure enough i'm a 10! time to push.

11:30am - okay enough pushing. i am ready for the doctor to come. they call her and find out that she is at a different hospital and about 15 minutes out. in the mean time the epidural guy comes back to give me more yummy numbing juice, but this time they want to put it right into the line so when the doctor comes I AM SUPER NUMB. at least was the plan. instead, the extra boost of epidural missed my line and went directly into my blood stream. instantly my lips, tongue, and eyes went numb. i went from being totally aware of what was going on to being TOASTED. i was high as a kite!!! at first i was freaking out because the overwhelming feeling that i was going to faint took over.

12:45pm - finally the doctor that was supposed to be 15 minutes out showed up an hour and fifteen minutes later.

12:50pm - two pushes later... SHE IS HERE! at a least that is what i was told. because of my extra epidural boost i don't remember the her being delivered. some people ask if i am upset about it. i actually liked it, once i  came out of my complete HIGH i had this beautiful baby to play with, without the memories of actually having her.
plus why be sad over the things that you can't change.


brynlee brian
7lbs 10 oz.
aw. she is so stinkin cute, even when she is getting all that ucky yucky stuff cleaned off.
i love this picture... she looks so mad that she's not in my tummy anymore.
first time her dad got to hold her.
the nurses thought that it was going to be a long day being induced.
so my parents were going to come by around 1 to see me, thinking i would be at a 3 or 4.
nope. they showed up and the nurses wouldn't let them in because i was ready to have her.
her she is finally meeting her grandma. SO CUTE!

 and GRANDPA!!!

over all the whole experience was amazing. i absolutely LOVED my nurses, doctor, and the hospital.


we love her so much!