Tuesday, May 10, 2011


(sorry for the low quality of pictures)

mothers day at the brians.
brynlee was a very happy camper that day.
her wonderful grandparents came to our house and picked her up for the night.
they said it was a mothers day present for them, but honestly it was a mother day present for me.
cory and i LOVED having the night off.
BUT when we woke up we are super excited to see baby again.

she is completely crazy about her aunts!

we might have messed with her a bit when she slept. might have.
she is so absolutely amazing in every way.
i can't get over how much we INSTANTLY fell in love with this little peanut.
and of course we needed a picture of the two of us on my first MOTHERS DAY.
i was not in the mood to have my picture taken, but for blogging/ journal purposes i gave in.

thanks for a wonderful mother day cory.
i love you sooo much!
*we really do make an amazing team together*


  1. She really reminds me of you. She really is a peanut. So sweet!

  2. She is so adorable!! Isn't motherhood the BEST! And yes... nights off are defiantly a blessing. I can totally relate to that haha. She is so beautiful Ang and I am go happy for you! Your going to be the best mom out there!!

  3. I'm glad you let them take the picture! I love it of you!!! I hate that you're close by but I don't get to see you - new moms need to be left alone though anyway....so I can't wait for you to get back in June. She's perfect!

  4. happy belated mother's day to you!! How awesome that you got a little getaway with the hubs! It makes you appreciate when you're all together (with the babe) even more :) Little Brynlee is a doll!!! So darn cute.