Wednesday, March 31, 2010

blogging in the dark.

Dear Today:
you let me down.
work was blah.
didn't see cory.
i miss my cell phone.
my head hurts (which never happens)
i just now realized i will be in alaska for Easter.
i miss kaylee ann
today was freezing.
i wasn't hungry all day. literally. i ate a handful of marshmallows, that's it.
i am craving brick oven crab salad soooo bad.
i miss watching tv with my dad. he has the best laugh.
i miss hulu. and. high speed internet for that matter.
- - - -
can you tell i'm feeling glum?
it's getting better tho
- - -
it's 8 and i am already cuddled in MY blanket in bed.
i turned off my lights so the girls will think i'm sleeping.
now i can relax in peace and catch up on my nienie reading.
she always makes me feel better.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i like a thick blanket and he likes a thin one.

i have learned to enjoy alone time.
once eleven rolls around i can finally tell the girls...
lights out. (my two favorite words)
then i head to the back of the house open my door and shut it (loudly). i take a seat on my bed and wait about a minute. the sound of rap music is my next que. i walk back out my door, down the hall and into the girls room, "lights out, music off, and phones on alarm mode only." once my nightly speech is finished and i have successfully watched my girls roll their eyes and hang up their phones. i say good night. then for the second time in two minutes i walked to the back of the house open my door, but this time, i shut and lock it. now what? usually, i would get comfy in MY blanket (cory and i sleep with separate blankets), talk with cory, then crash! but with cory away i had to change it up a bit. so now i still get comfy in MY blanket and i still crash, BUT in between the getting comfy and the crashing... i read EAT, PRAY, LOVE.
i would suggest you do the same.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

it's time for EASTER

one of my favorite things about halloween was getting "spooked." once a year someone in our neighborhood would start the tradition. they would pick a family and secretly leave yummy treats on their door step. a picture of a cute ghost which said, "you've been spooked" would be left with the treats as well. the family who received the the treats would then pick a family of their own to spook. you made sure to put a copy of the ghost on your door so others would know you've already gotten treats. it was fun to wonder if tonight someone would pick us to spook, but it was even more fun to spook others. now why should i have to wait till halloween for this fun tradition? why not change things up and start a new fad of getting "egged" for easter! i found this great idea from eighteen25, if you haven't read their blog i would suggust you do, i love it. to download the "you've been egged" print and see other great ideas from these sisters, click here. enjoy.

Friday, March 26, 2010

yoyo headband tutorial

supplies needed:
a good pair of sciccors
needle and thread
something round to trace, i used a 4 in circle
any number of favorite fabrics
a small square scrap of felt
and of course a headband
first trace your circle on the fabric and cut out.
like to make extras on this step just in case i want to change the design of my headband later.
next take your needle and thread and sew along the outside of the cut out circle.
to make a traditional yoyo you'd want to fold the fabric over and then sew the outside like in this tutorial from heather bailey (click here). doing that extra steps makes the center of the yoyo a perfect circle. i personally have done it both ways and for a headband i prefer not to fold the fabric over. i like the messy look i get from just sewing the oustide, and its faster!
once you have finished sewing, pull on the string.
this will cause the outside to crunch towards the center creating your yoyo. just to let you know, when you pull on the string it will first create a little pouch looking thing, flatten it out and it will look perfect.
do the same steps on the other circle you traced.
cut out a smaller circle of fabric to create a topper
i like to add some smaller yoyos to the headbands to give it a finished look. just trace a smaller circle then the ones you made before.
my large yoyo was made from a 4in circle
my small yoyo was from a 3 inch circle
pick which larger yoyo you'd like the smaller one to sit on top of and sew it to that yoyo.
lay the yoyos in the design you'd like your headband to look.
flip your design over and sew the larger yoyos together.
make sure you are only sewing the bottom layers of fabric together.
next cut out a peice of felt for the back.
try to make it the same shape and the underside of the yoyo.
place the headband between your creative yoyo design and the newly cut felt.
sew completely around the felt, ataching it to the bottom layer of fabric and the headband.
be carful to only sew the felt to the bottom side of the yoyo if you go all the through your stich marks will show off your finished product.
now go show of your finished product.... or make another!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

inspired by anthro

^ plastic cups and milk crates ^
(picture from:
- - -
^ pages of old books ^(picture from:
meet the artist: courtney's blog
- - -
^ shoes ^
(picture from:
- - -
(picture from: creativethursday.typepad)
- - -

^ balloon dogs ^
(picture from: - -

last but not least...

don't mind cor. he was tired from a long day of shopping on his birthday
no. we did not get him any birthday presents from anthro. haha.
a great art project from my once local anthropologie.
yes. i will one day make one just like that.
except, maybe with a bike instead of a dog.
who knows.
all i know is that i LOvE this idea.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

oh be happy
(yes, it is as simple as that)

awhile ago i used my silk screen machine to make these prints.i wanted to open a etsy store, but it took up to much time. instead i gave them away as add ins with Christmas presents. maybe when i get home i will come up with the time to create more ideas for prints.
i LOvE to doodle.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

being crafty

I went to my first SaturdayMARKET!

Earlier this week I thought I would just go to check it out, but then Cory said, "Why don't you make something to sell?" So I did. I threw together these headbands and clips for little girls, just to see what would happen. It actually worked out really well, I sold a little over $60 worth of stuff. I made them while watching biggest looser and modern family, so I pretty much got paid to watch my favorite shows. They are really easy to make. If you want to see a tutorial on how to make these yoyo's check out my link on greensubmarine, click (here). The tutorial is only how to make the yoyo's. I just attached headband, clips, and hair ties to them.
- - -
sold. sold. sold. sold. sold.

i wasn't the only one having a good time.
cory seemed to be enjoying himself too.
look at the lovely dead fox fur he found.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

five. 5. cinco. V.

today is our 5 month anniversary.
i know i posted about our last one, month four
in my defense
when you live in middle-of-no-where ALASKA finding a topic to post about can get rough,
so for your enjoyment... you get another anniversary post.

five. 5. cinco. V.
these past five months def have won the many adjective award
exciting . adventurous . hard
new . lucrative . freezing
surprising . bliss . lonely
. . .
the main thing that i have learned from these past five months is that things don't go as planned. first of all i don't handle change well, no better yet, i CAN'T handle change. my poor husband has put up with my tears, complaints, and bad cooking. he actually has been exactly what i needed him to be. when i had a mental break down (which happened a lot when we first got to bethel) he would do everything he could to get my mind off home. on many occasions he pulled out ticket to ride, enchanted, and ice cream.
. . .
although being married i see mr. brian less then i did when we were dating, i am really grateful he is in my life, and i am even more grateful he knows how to put up with me!

i hate rap music

cor and i get away. hobo dinners hit the spot.
(picture has nothing to do with post)
. . . . . . . .

it is twelve.seventeen
my girls finally turned off their rap music
and are silently counting sheep.
i have learned to LOvE the silence, it is a very rare find in the school, but my insides enjoy every mili-second of it. i have now grown accustom to sleeping with ear plugs. living with six girls ages 17-21 (yes. one is my age) means that there are 6 boys i also have to deal with, most of which choose to call there so called "lover" during random hours throughout the night. gag.
bethel alternative boarding school is my birth control.
no babies, no teenagers.
. . . . . . . .
we have been graced by the love of good ol' mr. sun
today was a whopping 19 degrees, everyone was happily raving about the warm weather.
even i, a girl enlaced with warm arizona blood, thought the weather was enjoyable.
what has alaska done to me?
todo, i don't think were in utah anymore.