Friday, March 26, 2010

yoyo headband tutorial

supplies needed:
a good pair of sciccors
needle and thread
something round to trace, i used a 4 in circle
any number of favorite fabrics
a small square scrap of felt
and of course a headband
first trace your circle on the fabric and cut out.
like to make extras on this step just in case i want to change the design of my headband later.
next take your needle and thread and sew along the outside of the cut out circle.
to make a traditional yoyo you'd want to fold the fabric over and then sew the outside like in this tutorial from heather bailey (click here). doing that extra steps makes the center of the yoyo a perfect circle. i personally have done it both ways and for a headband i prefer not to fold the fabric over. i like the messy look i get from just sewing the oustide, and its faster!
once you have finished sewing, pull on the string.
this will cause the outside to crunch towards the center creating your yoyo. just to let you know, when you pull on the string it will first create a little pouch looking thing, flatten it out and it will look perfect.
do the same steps on the other circle you traced.
cut out a smaller circle of fabric to create a topper
i like to add some smaller yoyos to the headbands to give it a finished look. just trace a smaller circle then the ones you made before.
my large yoyo was made from a 4in circle
my small yoyo was from a 3 inch circle
pick which larger yoyo you'd like the smaller one to sit on top of and sew it to that yoyo.
lay the yoyos in the design you'd like your headband to look.
flip your design over and sew the larger yoyos together.
make sure you are only sewing the bottom layers of fabric together.
next cut out a peice of felt for the back.
try to make it the same shape and the underside of the yoyo.
place the headband between your creative yoyo design and the newly cut felt.
sew completely around the felt, ataching it to the bottom layer of fabric and the headband.
be carful to only sew the felt to the bottom side of the yoyo if you go all the through your stich marks will show off your finished product.
now go show of your finished product.... or make another!


  1. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

    i am officially a yo-yo making MANIAC. i made AJ come over and make yo-yo's with me. i'm craft-geeking OUT. sending pictures asap. went to a salvation army and bought a bunch of clothes to destroy for their fabric parts. cannibal much?

    love your face.
    this tutorial ROCKS.

  2. ALSO, you know how you have to type in a word verification to post comments? is it bad that i interpret all the words they come up with to be extremely dirty?