Sunday, March 28, 2010

it's time for EASTER

one of my favorite things about halloween was getting "spooked." once a year someone in our neighborhood would start the tradition. they would pick a family and secretly leave yummy treats on their door step. a picture of a cute ghost which said, "you've been spooked" would be left with the treats as well. the family who received the the treats would then pick a family of their own to spook. you made sure to put a copy of the ghost on your door so others would know you've already gotten treats. it was fun to wonder if tonight someone would pick us to spook, but it was even more fun to spook others. now why should i have to wait till halloween for this fun tradition? why not change things up and start a new fad of getting "egged" for easter! i found this great idea from eighteen25, if you haven't read their blog i would suggust you do, i love it. to download the "you've been egged" print and see other great ideas from these sisters, click here. enjoy.

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