Wednesday, March 31, 2010

blogging in the dark.

Dear Today:
you let me down.
work was blah.
didn't see cory.
i miss my cell phone.
my head hurts (which never happens)
i just now realized i will be in alaska for Easter.
i miss kaylee ann
today was freezing.
i wasn't hungry all day. literally. i ate a handful of marshmallows, that's it.
i am craving brick oven crab salad soooo bad.
i miss watching tv with my dad. he has the best laugh.
i miss hulu. and. high speed internet for that matter.
- - - -
can you tell i'm feeling glum?
it's getting better tho
- - -
it's 8 and i am already cuddled in MY blanket in bed.
i turned off my lights so the girls will think i'm sleeping.
now i can relax in peace and catch up on my nienie reading.
she always makes me feel better.


  1. 2 things. 1st- Your comment on my blog made my week. We are obviously meant to be friends. 2nd- I wish you weren't so far away so you could come over when both our hubbys are gone!

  2. sad! Those kind of days come for all of us - even when we aren't in a snow cave of a city!!! You are such a tough gal making the most of it up there!! We all miss you a lot...that was a cute post. aunt sher