Wednesday, March 17, 2010

five. 5. cinco. V.

today is our 5 month anniversary.
i know i posted about our last one, month four
in my defense
when you live in middle-of-no-where ALASKA finding a topic to post about can get rough,
so for your enjoyment... you get another anniversary post.

five. 5. cinco. V.
these past five months def have won the many adjective award
exciting . adventurous . hard
new . lucrative . freezing
surprising . bliss . lonely
. . .
the main thing that i have learned from these past five months is that things don't go as planned. first of all i don't handle change well, no better yet, i CAN'T handle change. my poor husband has put up with my tears, complaints, and bad cooking. he actually has been exactly what i needed him to be. when i had a mental break down (which happened a lot when we first got to bethel) he would do everything he could to get my mind off home. on many occasions he pulled out ticket to ride, enchanted, and ice cream.
. . .
although being married i see mr. brian less then i did when we were dating, i am really grateful he is in my life, and i am even more grateful he knows how to put up with me!

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