Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i like a thick blanket and he likes a thin one.

i have learned to enjoy alone time.
once eleven rolls around i can finally tell the girls...
lights out. (my two favorite words)
then i head to the back of the house open my door and shut it (loudly). i take a seat on my bed and wait about a minute. the sound of rap music is my next que. i walk back out my door, down the hall and into the girls room, "lights out, music off, and phones on alarm mode only." once my nightly speech is finished and i have successfully watched my girls roll their eyes and hang up their phones. i say good night. then for the second time in two minutes i walked to the back of the house open my door, but this time, i shut and lock it. now what? usually, i would get comfy in MY blanket (cory and i sleep with separate blankets), talk with cory, then crash! but with cory away i had to change it up a bit. so now i still get comfy in MY blanket and i still crash, BUT in between the getting comfy and the crashing... i read EAT, PRAY, LOVE.
i would suggest you do the same.


  1. GOOD and GOOD and GOOD. india heals. there are so many beautiful quotes and things and lovely discoveries. i was reading through italy and had to go to the store and find gluten-free pasta. makes me miss glorias SO MUCH. remember when we went when my face was broken and i guilt-tripped the waiter into giving us more garlic bread? or the time you stole extra garlic bread from another table...after they left. i think your inner essence is a dumpster diving diva. or a seagull.

  2. I read that a couple years ago and liked it. If you liked that you may like a powerful book I just finished. It is called "Left to Tell" - Discovering God through the Rewandan Holocaust. My friend gave it to me and I didn't think I'd like it - once I started reading I couldn't put it down. It is inspiring! SHER