Friday, July 15, 2011

bryn has as bethel bud

our close friends moved up to bethel, what were they thinking... just kidding.
they have a SUPER cute little boy named ASHER.
it might not look like it here Bryn really enjoys the company!
aren't they are soo cute together.
he goes out of his way to bring her a binkie and blanket.
sometimes he even tries to feed her his dinner.
oh and he LOVES to hold her!

we sure have enjoyed having the decker family in bethel!
but, it hasn't stopped there...
our other friends moved her the Sorg family.
they don't have any kids, but having them around sure makes bethel better.

We are all going on a trip next week to different place in ALASKA.
we are going to be going to HOMER, ANCHORAGE, SEWARD, plus the best part..
McDonalds Spit, where we will stay in our friends cabin and go crab fishing!

our arizona friends sure are nice to have around.

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  1. Cute little friends. Looks like bethel also has some stylin couches! Love you ang!