Saturday, July 9, 2011

binkies and a bare brynlee.

first of all let me tell you that i absolutely am obsessed with this little peanut above.
she. is. amazing!
she also is in alaska.
while on was on my maternity leave two of our close friends moved up.
it is SO nice having two more couples to play with.

tonight we all cooked up a salmon. cory had caught it an hour earlier.
it doesn't look it here but it really was yummy.


  1. looks yummy to me---both the salmon and brynlee

  2. I love these pictures. She is so cute! As for the salmon, Kevin is convinced that if it's not caught fresh from Alaskan waters it's not worth eating and I believe him cuz that looks delicious!

  3. She is getting so big!! It is crazy how fast they grow!

  4. Your little girl is so cute. now see where you have been the last few months we have missed you are Green submarine!

  5. Awe! Keep posting! Miss you.