Sunday, September 26, 2010


its true.
we are expecting in april.
april 19th to be exact.
-  -  -
i know we are supposed to wait till week 12 to tell.
but i'm sick of not being able to blog about it.
so week eleven sounds close enough to me.
-  -  -
anyways, back to being pregnant.
freak me out. seriously.
this is not part of the plan.
but hey.
i've been with cory for almost four years.
why not mix things up a bit?
everyone is excited.
at first i was terrified. and sad.
now it's starting to sink in more and i might even be excited too.
luckily. it seems everyone and their mom is having babies right now.
or had one in the past year.
so our little zygote (that is what we call it) will have babies to play with.
also my this little lime in my tummy will be like a little brother or sister to kaylee.
crazy to think me and kaylee are 17 years apart and my kid will only be 6 years apart from her.
i will have more of an update on tuesday, that is our first ultrasound.
pray its not twins!
...seriously, PRAY
oh and for the record:
this is all cory's fault.


  1. Congratulations! I read the title and thought, "WHAT! WAIT! I thought she was waiting!"

    But you are right, everyone and their mom is pregnant right now. It almost makes me wish I was. Almost.

    But I have a baby. And it's super exciting. You will love it!

    I am thrilled for you, and for baby, because you will be the cutest mom in the whole wide world. I know this because I know your mom. And that means you had great training!


    So happy for you.
    How are you feeling?

    Can't wait to hear more details! I'm already thinking of fun baby things I could send you.

    Love you! CONGRATS!

  2. CONGRATS!!!! i know 3 other peoples due in APRIL too!! So fun! Our babies can be friends - if you ever move back to AZ... haha You'll be such a cute mama! I'm so happy for you two!!

  3. Congratulations! Being a mom is seriously the best! I was totally scared and not sure what to do at first when we found out we were prego because it was a total surprise but after it sank in i was so excited! Good luck!

  4. OHHHHHHH MYYYYYY GOOOSSSSHHHHH I AM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW! I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE WITH CHILD! YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Sure, I am a tad bit jealous but sooooo happy for you- your gonna be a great mommy and it is totally Cory's fault!

  5. so i don't know if you read your fb comments but i am so stinking excited for you! not to mention ours will be here less than a month before yours so get your tush back in az so they can be friends and i can see you!

  6. call me!! we need to talk haha i havent talked to you since like july when you told me about your little surpise haha!!