Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hello baby.

say hello to baby!
today was a great day.
we got woken up to evacuate our home, because they thought the school was on fire.
 - it wasn't.
when we went to the hospital they said that my appointment didn't exist.
 - lots of waiting.
i couldn't pee all morning because they wanted me to have a full blatter for the ultrasound.
- i swear it wouldn't have made a difference.
watched cory's face turn pale as the ultrasound tech put gel on my tummy.
- we were scared we would see two babies.
i watched the screen as one baby jiggled and danced around.
- one half little jumping bean. one half alien.
got a print of our babies first picture.
- as seen above. so flippin cute.
went to my doctor to have a follow up.
- they said i didn't have an appointment either. figures.
the doctor let cory use the little tool to find the babies heartbeat.
- i thought it was a cute way to involve the husband.
went to subway for breakfast.
- yum. the only fast food in bethel.
brought my ultrasound picture EVERYWHERE, and showed it off to EVERYONE!
- if you were in bethel i would have shown you too.
spent the day at work staring and my little zygote.
- aw. this feels so real now. i am officially excited!


  1. AWW! Im excited for you. Congrats and sorry to hear about the evacuation! :D

  2. I am glad you have passed the freaked out stage, it's okay to still be nervous though. Having a little zygote is HUGE, but AMAZING! You gotta enjoy every moment. Those doctors in Bethel seem really on top of it. man i would not like to have an emergency there! I love the ultrasound pic. The baby is eating their little fingers. SO CUTE!

  3. Just have to say that your blog posts are the most amusing/interesting to read :) And Ty and I are really excited for you guys!

  4. What a cute blog! Congratulations!!!!

  5. Exciting. Congratulations. Cute blog. Found you on New Friend Friday!

  6. Can't wait for our little friend to come... The best part of life - hands down!! Sher

  7. yay im so excited!!! ok i think youre going to have a girl and she is going to be my daughter in law one day!....can you imagine the fun? move home (AZ=HOME haha)

  8. Blog hopped last week and found yours... just wanted to say CONGRATS on the little one and such an amazing day of firsts for the two of you!