Monday, April 26, 2010

2 down 4 to STAY.

Today we lost another one of our dorm girls, one of my favorites actually.

*girls if you ever read this, i love you tons and am so proud of you*

i say we lost another, because two weeks ago we lost our first one.

NO they didn't die or anything.

They just made some bad choices (which everyone does) and were dismissed from BABS.

I am sure we will see them again next semeseter....


this is such a blessing!!!

i am so excited.

cory is so excited.

the dorm kids are so excited.

We just got the news today.

The boys dorm parent was going to take the position, but she radomly resigned today.

(i don't blame her she has been a dorm parents for YEARS)

besides, i was using the secret for that job SO MUCH that in the end she had no choice.

i knew the universe would find a way to open the position for me.

*it might sound funny, but i am really trying to get back into the secret*

(some of my happiest moments were when i followed along with it)


now for those of you who have gotten one of my "i need to vent" phone calls you might not understand why i am excited about taking this new dorm parent position. YES being a dorm parent has been absolutly crazy, challenging, and mind numbing. BUT it also has been very rewarding. I have grown so close to these kids. I know their story, their struggles, and their goals. being able to be that back bone for them is (like i said) very rewarding.

and that is the one and only reason i do this job.

of course i am not doing it for the *free rent *free food *free cars

i mean being a dorm parent for those reasons would just be selfish. hehe.


FYI: i know that jobs can be a little hard to come by right now.

there is another dorm parent job opening at the college,

if some young couple wants to really SAVE money.

i promise BETHEL ALASKA is the place to do it!

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