Sunday, April 4, 2010

ducks unlimited

last night
cory and i went to a ducks unlimited benefit dinner.
it is a group that supports the preservation of water foul or something... i don't really know. all i know is that i enjoyed myself.
we ate great food and watched people blow thousands of dollars.

there was an auction and a raffle.
it cost us $100's to go, which got us dinner and seven raffle tickets. once you got there you could buy more raffle tickets in package amounts of $50, $100, $500, $1000.
i couldn't believe how many people got the $500 and $1000 packages.
it was crazy.
along with an amazing prime rib dinner they had cake too.
the first cake i've had in bethel.
i was hoping the frosting would be REAL frosting not that whipped stuff.
cory was hoping for the whipped stuff.... it was whipped.
just for the record if anyone ever wants to make me a cake.
i like non-whipped frosting.
bethel really does have a fun small town feel to it.
like i said before, if anything happens EVERYONE comes out to enjoy it.

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