Saturday, February 13, 2010


Are you feeling glum? Do you lay up at night and wonder, why is this happening to me? This book is for you! Are you perfectly happy and 100 percent content with your life? Do you lay up at night wondering, how did my life get so great? This book is for you! It doesn't matter whether your happy or sad READ.THIS.BOOK! I started with pretty little orange up there, from the time I finished the second page... I was hooked. This book is covered with gorgeous pictures and insightful info, which is just waiting to give you that perfect AH-HA moment!

I Promise you'll love it.

I haven't read the candy apple green to the right yet, but IT IS ON ITS WAY as we speak. I only put it up there because even if it is half as good as pretty little orange IT IS WORTH IT!

Interested? Get a used one. Save money! (How to be Happy, Dammit - $1.43 on

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  1. angie!!! you showed me this book like 3 years ago and i absolutely looove it!!