Monday, February 15, 2010

quote? what quote?

Cory (hubby) was reading my newest blog a couple of days ago. After looking through it he said, "Where did you get that quote? I really like it." Confused I answered him, "Quote? What Quote?" He quickly scrolled up the screen and pointed to this:

Now I was even more confused. "That is not a quote." It is just a little banner saying that this blog is about my loves, my inspiration, my projects, my life."
Now he looked confused. "It is? I thought it said, loves inspiration projects life. Like the inspiration of love projects (pronounced like a movie projector) life."
Umm. Woe! I would have never ever thought of my little banner blurp that way. Isn't it interesting that two people could look at the exact same sentence and get completely different meanings from it.
Now his interpretation is the only way I look at it.
"loves inspiration projects life." - cory brian

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  1. i would have never though of that!! I LOOOVE cory's interpretation!! ps tell him hi!!