Friday, February 26, 2010

i'm a statistic.

While looking for DIY projects for my little craft archive. greensubmarine.

I came across a statistic. . .
A National Sleep Foundation survey reported that 23 percent of married Americans sleep alone .
omgosh! i'm a statistic!
the second i saw this i showed cor.
we laughed and laughed.

Cory is still in training for his new job. He works four 12 hour shifts then has four days off. Right now his shifts are from 8pm to 8am. He lives while I sleep, and sleeps while I live. Today I saw him for a total of 30 minutes. I get home, hang out with the girls, then wake Cory up at seven. YES seven pm. He then goes to work, I go to sleep. At eight I call my cab, he is walking in to door as I am walking out. He heads straight upstairs and then up more stairs to bed.

that is life as we know it. it will change soon. but for now,

i do sleep alone.


  1. hey girl, I love you thank you so much for leaving your inspiring comments on my blog, they help me tons to go forward on days when I think I can't

  2. dear miss statistic: i can't get a hold of you. i love of you tons and tons and tons. but now there is a worry worm in my tummy that is growing exponentially each day and i really need to talk to you. CALL ME! please??