Saturday, February 13, 2010

kaylee nina.

kaylee ann
tay tay bo nay nay
mini me

YES. I chose to leave beautiful Utah, with it's Brick Oven, Pizza Factory, and Sushi Ya. Ah! my mouth is watering just typing this. I left Utah for bitter cold Alaska. Although my new town is gorgeous, friendly, and lucrative. I MISS MY real home and most of all I MISS MY family! Nothing against my mom, dad, or older (who really is younger) sister, but I strictly am having Kaylee Nina withdrawals today. Being away from that little ball sunshine has really taken a toll on me. She turned 5 days before I left. A year of her life I wont be that big a of part in. Which is pretty much AWFUL.
Tay. I just want you to know that I plan to make up for this year, with interest. When I come home prepare yourself for some serious KAYLEE/ANGIE time! With barns, sharks, chick-fil-a, and anything else your little person of a heart desires.

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