Saturday, February 13, 2010

green submarine.

2010 has not only brought me a new year, home, and occupation. It has also brought me an unrelenting desire to create and blog! Yes, I am a kindergarten blogger, more like I'm still in pre-school. The only reason I even began this addicting new hobby as a blogger, or should I say blog(stalker), was for my family. I wanted everyone to see pictures of Bethel and reassure my parents that YES I am okay. Well, about two weeks into my first blog Briansinbethel I realized my worst fear had actualized, I loved to blog. So with this new found love I created my second blog, greensubmarine. Greensubmarine is my own little spot in the world, a place where I can list the lovely DIY projects my heart longs to complete. Have I even started on one? Nope. That in itself is depressing. See Bethel, the quaint town in Alaska we moved to, does not have a craft store. It actually doesn't have many stores at all. So I am doomed to order online. Woe woe, I know what you are thinking, that there is nothing wrong with ordering online. You're totally right, there's not. But when you have 40 projects that you think about constantly. It's hard to pick just one to start AND not to mention it takes about two weeks for things to get here (another plus to being in Alaska). My newly wed of a husband says that I can pick one project, doesn't matter the cost, order the supplies, then craft my little heart out. But the catch is I can't start a new project till the first one is done, sneaky husband of mine. So I continue to list more and more crafts on GreenSubmarine, think of it as my wish list. I plan to only show my FINISHED projects on my newest blog, angelabrian, the one you are reading. Oh YES forgot to tell you. I decided I LOVED blogging so much I would create a 3rd blog, third and final... I hope. So feel free to click on the little link for greensubmarine anytime you desire. I will always be posting my favorite DIY ideas, as I come across them constantly.

sigh. can you tell i have some free time on my hands??


  1. i love that youre blogging hopefully you do better than me, i never blog! i love to read your blogs!! and i have to admit i copied you and made a craft blog, but its just for me to collect all the things ive been wanting to do. For the past 6 months ive been collecting projects ive wanted to do or ones i love and just been saving them as bookmarks but that takes up too much space so i saw your amazing idea and copied yoU!! thank you for such an awesome idea youre the best!!

  2. i am glad you liked the idea. it takes forever for my supplies to come in the mail so i had to keep track of project some how! keep me posted on the fun projects that you do!! :)