Saturday, August 14, 2010


(our first babs house)
we are officially saying goodbye to our second babs house.
our next home will be the new girls/boys dorm.
this will be our third move in eight months. sheesh.
i can't even explain the new school.
something only pictures could describe.
- lets just say we are literally living in a elementary school.
- - - classrooms and all. oh and my kitchen is the cafeteria.
hope everyone having a good LONG weekend.
our has consisted of packing and moving...
ho hum, not the most exciting time.
still cory and i are enjoying the last couple days without kids.


  1. That colorful house is so cute!! Post more for me - I was getting sick of looking at the "dead things" :).

  2. I like that house... very colorful :) so Ty and I may be moving when I graduate.. We need to talk ang!

  3. ok your note you left me for my birthday made me cry! thank youuuu!! I seriously miss you sooo much and pray you move to mesa even if is only for 6 months! did you know we live like 1 minute away from corey's parents house? or at least where he used to live on southern? we live on val vista between southern and broadway, like 2 minutes away!!! MOVE TO ARIZONA!!!!! love you and tell corey hi and cant wait to see you guys...and IF you were to move here, WHEN?!!!