Wednesday, August 4, 2010

living the simple life.

i'm not a stalker.
it might look like it.
but really i'm not.
i just am trying to document our life here more.
the people, the places... pretty much everything.
i mean we wont be here forever, sigh.
i never thought i would say this, but i will be devastated to leave.
i can't even explain how different my life is in bethel.
it keeps cory and i so close knit.
+ it has helped me to grow up.
all in all we are living the simple life.
no one here knows what seven jeans are or have any idea what nordstrom would sell.
people are just happy and excepting.
they don't care what you look like, what you are wearing, or what kinda of car you drive.
they just care that you are healthy, doing well, and enjoying life.

some of the nicest people on earth live in bethel. swear it.


  1. Angie! This is the most awesome post I've ever seen. Some people here in the states... and I'm not going to get into it because I deal with this (with family) every time we visit.... is everyone cares and judges your happiness by what kind of car you drive, how your dressed, what type of living situation you have, how much money is in your bank account, if you have a food storage... no one seems to really care anymore about how YOUR doing. Are you happy? Are you well? Are you living each day to your absolute fullest? It's all keeping up with the Jonses.... I hate it. Being from a small town I'm used to no one caring about anything. It's sad actually and you don't really notice the difference until you visit outside your realm. I'm happy your living in such a great area. It makes me miss where I grew up. Glad to see your doing so well :) Miss and love you!!

  2. thats totally why i loved living in louisiana! The best friends and people ive ever known are there. They love you for YOU and accept you no matter what jeans your wearing or if your are weing sweats and a baseball tee hahah i loved it there so much. Everyone smiles and waves at you even though youre a stranger, they talk to you in line at the grocery store and by the time you've checked out you know their life story, its amazing the difference between a small town and a city really is. It was so hard to move home to arizona, you feel like you are always having to be at your best to impress and look good. I HATE FEELING LIKE THAT. like people are judging you. i want to live in a small town of all my family and friends, how amazing would that be right? YOU could be the MAYOR! you would be soooo good at that job, everyones birthdays would be a holiday and their whole house would be decorated!!! hahahahahah what do you say?? wanna be mayor?!!

  3. ps i loooooove YOUU and miss you like crazy! i need a decent friend down here hahaha everyone is just like the judgemental people i described lived in a city :(

  4. Hi angie, I just wanted to say hi, I'm natasha from the bank that came in the other funny that i read your blog and is my email we will be in bethel for at least 2 years. Hope all is well and again i love your crafts!!!

  5. Hey angie! I loved this post!Almost made we want to follow you guys there!! I am not as tough as you and couldn't survive the winter. I think it's cool you are learning so much up there. The reason we love our neighborhood and ward is for the things you mentioned...everyone here is simple...none of my friends are thinking about what jeans they wish they had. The best people to be around are genuine, sincere, and know what really matters in life. What matters to me is my family -my boys are my world - not my wardrobe. The best thing you can do is stay the same when you do end up moving back! You will be a great example b/c there are so many mormon barbies invading us these days. love you so much. Just so you know...we are all supportive of you up there...we just like to tease you b/c the thought of an true blue arizona girl up there in Alaska is too funny! I still wish you had cameras following you. I also wish I'd had you take my family picture when we were in Cali. What was I thinking?! I was too overwhelmed to think about it I guess. I'm going to have your mom take one for us...but the shots you got look great! Have you found Tom Cruise? Loved being w/ you.