Sunday, August 1, 2010

welcome to yupik class. please take a seat.

random pictures unrelated to post.

cory and i have lived in bethel for almost seven months now.
we have learned a lot about the native people and culture.
but there is one thing that we are still trying to get a grasp on...

i have started to pick up on some words and phrases, such as:
(this is not the actual yupik spelling of the words)
((i tried to write them in a way that you could sound them out))

uss = listen to me
una wha ni = you or this one
die-gaa = come here
quyana = thank you
umpy = hurry up
as piq = good

so if i wanted to say, "hey you, hurry up!"
i would say, "una wha ni, umpy!"

well that concludes your first lesson in yupik.
come back next time for you lesson on numbers!

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