Tuesday, July 27, 2010

just because i had a BIG camera

another family i took pictures for
here's the story.

i have a big camera. *thank you cory.
a camera that i LOvE taking pictures with.
trust me i do take a lot of pictures.

well somehow at my family reunion it got around
and i was asked to take some family shots.
umm... all i could say was 
"sure, but seriously i have NO IDEA what i am doing."
which is very honest.
i might take a lot of pictures, but it does not mean a lot turn out good. if any sometimes.
i need to take a class, or at least have someone teach me how to use my camera.
anyways i happily took their pictures
and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.
not professional looking by any means, but at least they were in focus. (well most at least)

p.s. i want rice crispy treats.
like right now.
the homemade kind and still hot please.
ah. oooie gooie yummy-ness!!

1 comment:

  1. I would let you take pictures of my family. Girl. You are GOOD!