Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sushi anyone?

what are most couples doing at 2 am?

what is this couple doing at 2 am?
taking pictures with a giant salmon!

we have salmon all the time.
smoked salmon.
teriyaki salmon.
grilled salmon.
soon to try homemade sushi.
another free thing we have enjoyed in bethel.

cory came home from work a little before two in the morning.
he was very excited and wanted me to grab the camera.
luckily, i was awake and quickly grabbed my camera.
honestly, i had no idea what we were going to take pictures of.
but who cares.
i ran outside to find a huge 40 lb salmon.
i will admit i didn't want to take a picture with it.
but after cory reminded me it would make a good blog post
and kindly gave me his hoodie.
i was happy to take on the early morning fish photo shoot.
sorry the pictures are so dark.
usually it is still light out all night
but with as much rain as we have gotten
it's been pretty dark at night.


  1. I've done lots of things I wouldn't normally do for the blog.

    Does your husband always smell like fish?

  2. Cory, this is Drew!! Hit me up.. 480-840-4908

  3. this is awesome. your two are so cute :)