Saturday, August 21, 2010

drunk people peed on our door.

(night time in bethel)

cory is my hero.
okay that is kinda lame, but listen to what happened today.
so we were in laying bed watching date night
some of the girls start knocking on our door saying there were some drunk people outside their door.
so of course we get up to go look through the window to see.
the girls were completely right.
two drunk people (a couple) were sitting on the stairs to the dorms from door.
cory went the door to tell them to leave, while us girls watch from the window.
well get this, cory opens the door and to his surprise the guy has his p**** out
and was peeing on our door.
i probably would have screamed and locked the door (and ran away),
but he took the more manly approach
us girls couldn't see the guy peeing we could only see the girl he was with,
but we could hear cory.
he was yelling loud, saying that this was a school and that what the guy was doing could land him in jail.
he also yelled other stuff but i couldn't remember.
ooh and cory made the guy apologise to him!
then cor called his friends as the police station and had them come pick up the couple.
i was so proud of him and the girls were laughing really hard.
in bethel i see a lot of drunk people.
most of which are completely harmless and wont bother you.
but some people can be a little aggressive.
and like i found out yesterday other drunks just want to pee on your door.


  1. that is disgusting, but hooray for cory...I love when guys know what to do. I hate the smell of my own urine so why would I want to smell anyone elses? Im in paris and I smell it in the metro everyday yucky

  2. my phone number is 602-330-5602
    call my anytime I will be home from Paris on Wednesday

  3. Oh man! I would totally run away too if that happened to me. Good thing for husbands who aren't afriad to tell off severely intoxicated people. What a wondrful thing to remember from your time in Bethel. NOT!