Monday, December 6, 2010


thanks shay and joscelyn for tagging me!

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1. biggest looser - your talking to a certified personal trainer here. (not that you would be able to tell with this pregnant body growing on me) but i LOvE seeing jillian and bob work these people death! hehe. reminds me of old times when i was the one wearing the trainer shirt.
 except i wasn't nearly as harsh as jill. she can be scary.
2. modern family - umm.. amazing! i laugh so hard on every episode. great stuff!
3. friends - i can't help it. it seriously is LOvE. some of my most favorite high school memories were sitting around with my girlfriends watching the dvd's start to finish. and yes. i am one of those annoying people that can quote every line from every episode. it's pure talent.
4. super nanny - i don't know if it is because i'm pregnant or what, but i lately an obsessed with this show!

1. "what should we eat for dinner" - i find myself constantly saying this. we have seventeen kids to feed and sometimes its hard to come up with something to cook from the free food that is provided from the school.
2. "does it feel real yet" - this is in reference to talking with cory. he might feel the baby move and see the ultra-sound pics, but to him it still doesn't feel real yet. he says it probably wont hit him till he/she comes, but we'll see.
3. "are you running numbers" - this is also in reference to talking with cory. since the situation we have here in alaska works so much in our advantage we are able to save money like mad people. he likes to run the numbers of money coming in, i think it keeps him motivated to stay here. put is this way other than a cell phone we haven't had a bill for almost one year exactly. that will change this next couple of weeks, can you say mortgage payment??
4. "poor" - this one is completely because i live in a little native eskimo village! they have their little sayings for everything here. "poor" is something you say when someone does something sad/embarrassing/silly like fall on their face, or loose ten bucks, or get hit on by some ucky old drunk man. me and my co-workers are constantly saying this throughout the day, usually followed by a good laugh.
passionate about:
1. family - being away from my family for so long is HARD. they are so important to me.
2. diet coke - yes. i said it. i am passionate about diet coke. its all about the ice cold can, the click and fiz sounds it makes when you open it, and of course the feeling of your first taste of the day... yikes. i sound obsessed. my dr. said that i can only have one can a day, which means to my husband that i should only have one can a week. lets just say when i do get my diet coke fix i am one happy momma. (future momma)
3. being the best wife i can be - i love going out of my way to make cory happy. it makes me happy to have the house cleaned for him, or dinner made, or just making sure the kids are quiet while he sleeps.
(he works a lot)
4. saving money - about three months into our marriage we found the book "totally money makeover" and have been living it's principals ever since. great book, way motivating!

1. anywhere man vs. food goes - i don't know if any of you have seen this show, i hope you have! i always find myself telling cory that we are taking out next vacation to eat at whatever restaurant they are featuring!
2. japan - i am a huge sushi fan. i really really want to eat authentic japanise sushi.
3. hawaii - cory lived in hawaii before we met. he absolutely loved it, can you blame him? i would really enjoy taking a trip to visit his old stomping grounds. plus, today it was -2 degrees, so i would LOvE to be anywhere the sun is.
4. anywhere that has a flash mob - two modern family episodes ago there was a flash mob. i about died from laughing and soon realized that is something i have to do in my life!
1. blogged - of course, what else is there to do in bethel?
2. had a hamburger delivered to me - imagine calling up mcdonalds and having a burger show up at your door five minutes later. we hardly ever order food, but on the rare occasions when we do, its heaven!
3. i enforced a strict curfew - trying to keep 17 kids in line is not an easy task, so every night a strict curfew is enforced. i might not have any idea how to raise a baby, but trust me i am killer with teenagers!
4. made a super small batch of cookie dough - okay so i wanted some cookie dough so i got a recipe online. once everything was mixed the dough was the size of a baseball, that's it. 

looking forward to:
1. meeting our baby -  will it have my smile? will it have cory's eyes? i am so excited to see what he/ she looks like. oh and my husband is adopted so really we don't know what kind of genes are kid could have... maybe we will have a red headed kid with freckles (so cute), you never know!
2. eating sushi again - I LOVE SUSHI! it will be the first thing i eat after i have the baby.
3. going on a date with my husband - we haven't been on a real date for a LONG TIME. mostly because we can't leave the house when the kids are here.
4. purchasing our first house - our loan is in underwriting right now. so just we're just waiting for it to go through. i am excited bethel has helped us reach this goal.
1. christmas lights - umm. do i really need to say more?
2. decorated malls - for someone that has been mall deprived for almost a year. YES i would LOvE to see a decorated mall, with the santa and everything.
3. food - grandma's cooking. yumm!
4. family traditions - everyone has their own family traditions, like one of ours is getting matching pajamas on christmas eve. (yes matching. think of them as our christmas uniform).

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  1. Yay, I knew you would do it;-) Love the list-sounds like the same Angie I know and love just with child:-) Cant wait for you to pop the little guy out (yes, its a boy;-))

  2. Thanks for tagging me! Looking forward to doing this post, cuz I am a freak for this kind of personal stuff!

  3. loved it all! but in keeping with the post's tone...I'll give you 4 reasons why:
    1 - i love that Modern Family is on your list (i somehow forgot to put it on my list!!! doh. I'm an ashamed fan...)
    2 - "what should we eat for dinner?" amen sister!
    3 - yay for small batches of cookie dough!
    4 - i feel ya on the sushi thing...when i was pregnant we'd go out & I'd have to order everything REALLY tempura (so the fish was cooked) or get the vegetarian rolls. stay strong, and it'll be that much better when you can actually have the good stuff! :)