Sunday, December 5, 2010

dear baby...

hello there little one.
first of all, i love you.
i feel you rolling in my tummy constantly, somedays i don't even think you sleep.
i love it.
i have been told i wont like your kicks later on (when you start kickin my ribs) but for now it's fun.
we are so excited to find out if you are a boy or girl.
one day you might read through this blog and notice that i keep saying i want a girl,
but if you are a boy.... i want you to know I WILL BE SO HAPPY!
you would be the first boy in my family.
grandpa wrigley will love having you around to help balance things out.
right now its just him and your daddy, up against mommy, grandma, and your two aunts.
oh speaking of your aunts, you are going to be insainly loved by them.
kaylee and you are going to be closer in age then any of her sisters are with her.
just so you know...
when ever i imaged kaylee's babtism i always pictured having a little one.
its crazy to think that you were that very thought.
i also would imagine my little one making a mad dash for the font, but you wont do that right?? :)
oh there are so many things that i want to you to know about your little life, but where to start?
i guess first you should know that you are coming into the two most amazing families ever.
take mommy's side for example, not only are you going to be the first grandchild for my parents.
but also the first great grandchild for both of their parents.
i think that fact alone shows you just how much you will be loved.
grandma wrigley is going to be like a second mom to you, i just know it.
she will be there every step of the way showing me the ins and outs of motherhood.
(yikes, you might have to be patient with your dad and i. we really have no idea what we are doing)
grandpa wrigley is going to be a huge part of your life too, i just know it.
let me tell you one thing about him, his laugh is addicting.
you just wait, you will always want him around to watch funny shows with... just for his laugh!
just a heads up you're coming into a family will lots a laughs.
especially when all the cousins are together, we like to tell funny stories.
most are about you mommy and her embarrassing moments.sadly, i have lots!
i was the first cousin on both sides to get married or pregnant. haha, with you!
hopefully it wont be long untill another cousin gets married and pops a little one out too.
but don't you worry that doesn't mean you wont have anyone to play with.
aunt sherrie had cousin quinn not long before i was married.
i bet you two will be close (especially if you're a boy)
a boy. just thinking about that made me smile.
i also want you to know just what amazing great grandparents you have.
absolutely amazing.
they are so steadfast in the church and such examples to me.
they are who i look up to for my future family,
because with the families they have, they must have done something right!
i am excited to have you grow up knowing them,.
i remember my great grandparents and feels blessed to have memories with them.
not everyone grows up knowing their great grandparents so don't ever take that for granit.
ooo and let me tell you about daddys family.
well first off its a gorgeous family, with so much love.
grandma brian could be the next martha stewart (one day you will know what/who i am talking about)
and grandpa brian is probably going to be the one to take you on your first motorcycle ride.
(when your old enough of course)
you daddy's sisters are so excited to meet you.
i can't wait for you to meet them.
i mean seriously the cutest girls ever!
oh and otis of course... you daddy's gentleman caller (his dog)
i just got all gitty inside thinking about snapping pictures of you playing with otis.
there is just so much to be thankfull for with you in my tummy.
i want to you know that you have been super easy on mommy.
you didn't make me sick at all, just very very tired.
but mommy loves to sleep anyways, so that wasn't so bad.
so thank you for that.
you should also know that there is a good chance you will be born in alaska.
it really is gorgeous and hopfully things will be warm enough for you by april.
well i better try to sleep its almost 2 in the morning.
i will write you again soon.
i kinda like writing you notes.
p.s. i love you. WE LOVE YOU!


  1. Love this. So beautiful! I tagged you in my post- do read and participate, please:-)

  2. Well now I'm the stalkerish one...finding your personal blog from GS ;)

    That is such a precious letter...he or she is going to love reading these letters later on :) I am so SO excited for you! And can I tell you I'm so glad you haven't been sick! I wasn't either during my pregnancy...we are lucky women :) Soak up being pregnant, you may miss the amazing feeling of them moving inside you & having your little side-kick with you 24/7. Can't wait to find out what baby is!

    PS - hi up there Shay! ;)

  3. How precious. You have so much great stuff to look forward to! Pregnancy seems like it will last forever, but truly it is a special time. Soak it all in and cherish every moment you have with that sweet baby connected so closely to you. :)

    Can't wait to read about your adventures when the baby arrives! I am a new follower! YAY!

  4. i reread a few lines...i adore it all over again.

    And i just had to let you know...i laughed OUT LOUD and told the hubby that you knew what "seven, seven, seven" was referring too. heehee!!! and YOU just went up on my cool scale too! i love me a fellow-Friends-fan :)

  5. You are so sweet. You are going to be a great Mom. Reading this brought back all those same feelings for me. Motherhood is AMAZING! I especially loved the part about your parents, because I think they are pretty great. I'm excited for them too.

  6. Been trying to post here forever and it's not letting me. We have a great will be even better when we have a great grandchild to love!!! can't wait to see you.

  7. i can see your excitement. take care. eat healthy foods, dont get diabetes and screen for it before it hits the baby. having a child is such a momentous experience, carrying this in your womb makes it more meaningful..