Saturday, June 5, 2010

don't judge. you would scream too.

we moved to our new home (for the next two months).
look what treat i found in our fridge.
i screamed. cory laughed.
it was a gift. seriously.
they heard we didn't have any frozen fish.
so they gave us a pike to enjoy.
i am extremely glad no one here knows that i blog.
+ because that fish was in the trash FAST.
its one of those: thank you. but no thank you things.


  1. bahha ok i thought it was a rotten corn on the cob until you said it was a fish!! lol it looks like a rotten corn on the cob and th ebag looked like the husk coming off of the corn!....what a sweet gift gotta love that haha! when are you guys going back to utah? like to visit or anything?

  2. Wow- I would have thought a plant or something would be nice...but hey- it is Alaska, I suppose;-)

  3. EW. i would have done the same.. WHAT THE POO?! people be crazy in alaska..