Monday, June 28, 2010

it wont stop raining....

(the one picture i took during the rainy days)
it rained everyday last week.
saturday it finally cleared up for a bit.
cory and i were excited to get out and walk to the river.
on our way back it started raining again...
like pouring!
it was kinda fun. kinda cold.
we walked a little over a mile in soaking wet clothes.
since saturday it has rained and rained and rained.
when will we get a break?
oh. and poor cory. he is on the river everyday (and night)
one word: overtime.
even if it rains he will still be out with the research team.
after all this rain i am starting to think i have *weather depression*ha. i don't even think it is a real thing.
but i get totally bummed when it rains this much.

that is the sound i make when i am totally bummed.
(or when cory and i are losing at settlers of catan, tyce and rachel understand)
cory makes me happy and we laugh a lot.
i try to be as happy as i can when he is around.
i doubt he would even know that i have been out of it.
he works so hard.what husband wants to come home to a grumpy wife.
i know i wouldn't.
i really just want to be outside taking pictures.
it is quickly becoming a lovely little past time for me.
when i get home i would love to take a class.
till then all i can do is try to take pictures worthy of posting.
wow. i sure am rambling on this post.
i'm starting to think of this blog as more a journal than anything.


  1. OH you sweetheart.

    I got my camera as a hobby to help me get over postpartum depression.

    I took a class online, if you want to look into it. I thought it was super helpful and very good for me to learn to shoot in manual mode.

    Hang in there girl.

    I hope you find things that make you happy.

    Love you!

  2. I love your posts, and I love the rain so I am a tad jealous:-)

  3. ugh...I hear ya! Im so depressed! Where is sumer in the NW?

  4. Hey Ang!

    So here is what I did.
    I look a photo class online from Nicole Hill.
    You can get her textbook for $45, or the class is $125. If you do both you get a discount. I would have to look for the code for you.

    I got the book right after my camera, and it is very good. It was helpful. Then I started the class a month later, which was also good (she is slow about feedback was my only complaint).

    I was glad I did both, it was similar but there were things I learned in the class that didn't pick up in the text, plus it was good repetition which made a big difference.

    Here are the classes.

    I know Nicole is having a baby soon, so I'm not sure when she will offer more or what the deal is, but there is a class for August.

    Here is her regular blog.

    She's from Orem, her family lives across the street from my mom.

    A lot of people love this book, but I haven't read it yet (I'm on the list at the library.)

    Also. Do you read the Digital Photography School?

    Email me if you want.
    jackie.wins at gmail dot com

    Let me know what you decide to do, I'm excited for you. (I'm just starting out...I've been doing this a couple of months only.)