Thursday, June 17, 2010

a weekend in anchorage.

we decorated cupcakes at the anchorage saturday market.
we are here to SAVE money. so instead of a hotel
we slept in the back of our 4runner.
after a trip to walmart for sleeping bags and pillows
i was so comfy and fell asleep quick.
this little dirt path was our home for the night.3.
cory took me to the biggest water airport in america.
i doubt it is really called a water airport.
but you know what i am talking about.
for planes that take off on lakes.
it was gorgeous.


  1. ok i was cracking up at the sleeping in the 4 runner, talk about saving some money that will do it , how fun you guys are making some memories thats for sure

  2. SO in the process of decorating of some pie cupcakes for a cupcake swap party RIGHT NOW! i miss youuuuu!

    blahhhh now stop being sick and callll me (when you can and feel better) boo :( :( tell the corgy to make you some pizookie's STAT. also some gloria's and brick oven crab salad will be necessary for the healing process. (he can substitute with pike i suppose...) hehehe

    ps check your emails...

  3. WOW! It sounds fantastic! What a fun trip. I love that you didn't even get a hotel.

    Your life is dreamy!