Wednesday, June 16, 2010

they like us. they really like us.

well i guess i spoke to soon with my last post.
you've heard of houses being heart attacked.
well cory and i got fish attacked.
as we walked through our mud room to the front door
we were gifted with the presence of a bagged KING SALMON!
it was a huge fish.
seriously. big enough to be a new member of our family.
maybe we'll keep it. give it a name.
what do you think of WAMMON the SALMON?
or maybe well just eat it.
i am grateful for the gesture.
i love that people like us here.
but PLEASE can the next gift be ice cream?


  1. Wow. More fish...haha. Probably you should come back here so I can gift you (and me of course) some icecream on a regular basis;-)

  2. MMM...sounds like you better learn to cook fish! :)