Monday, May 31, 2010

tundra + clouds (equals) happiness

i took a little stroll behind our house.
the tundra continues for miles and miles.
it might look quite plain, but i think it is gorgeous.
much better then seeing snow.

we will move into the new house tomorrow.
i will miss this house (i know i have said that before).
but it's so very true.
right now we live on the very outskirts of bethel.
in a neighborhood-ish place called
tundra ridge.


  1. So gorgeous!! Is that your new camera you took this with? Your husbands such a sweetheart!! I can't believe how good he takes care of you. It's too cute.

  2. I just enjoyed looking through your husband and I just moved here to Bethel about 2 weeks ago. Love it so far!

    Your photos are great....we are big into photography and can't wait to get out and get some fun shots!