Friday, May 21, 2010

don't you just LOvE birthdays.

(a little doodle i made)

i am twenty*two 2day!
yesterday, at work. the party planning committee. YES. we have one!
asked me what i should bring to the pot luck
*kinda smiling i said, "what is the potluck for."
knowing they would say, 'for you birthday of course.'
instead they said.
"shhhh, WILL is right behind you, we don't want him to know"
then i got confused.
"wait. what about WILL" i asked.
they replied, "it his birthday on sunday -
- - he doesn't know we are having a potluck for him."
- they have NO idea it is my birthday, not sunday but TODAY!
i am kinda glad.
this party planning committee is almost as bad as on "the office"
cake, musical candles, presents. the works.
i think all that attention would be embarrassing.
will can have the attention. i will have the food!


  1. Awe!! How sad! This is a depressing story ang! lol. but HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are only like a week and some days older than me!! :) I hope your birthday is amazing~!!!!!! Love ya girl!

  2. ANG!!! call meeeee!!! I have called your nuuuuumberrrrrr and it says it is no longer in service?? it just gives me angry dialtones and crackelings...booo :(

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have my phone glued to me, call call call. i love you, happy happy happy happy birthday!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to my awsome neice Angie! I love you so much and think you are special, talented, fun, and loving with so much happiness ahead of you! 22 is so young - wow I'm old. I miss you and was sad to hear today that you won't be home as long as you thought... but will be excited to see you guys. love, sher