Sunday, February 27, 2011

my dilemma.

just in case you forgot (but i don't know how you would) i live in bethel.
a rural Eskimo town in alaska.
a great place. lots and lots of amazing people and good friends.
but there is a problem with our little frozen wonderland... the hospital.
don't get me wrong.
the hospital is a great facility with amazing nurses and doctors that really know their stuff.
but they are missing one key employee  - an anesthesiologist.
which means
none whatsoever.
everyone here has their baby natural, it's the only way they've ever know.
me being a utah girl where the hospitals are baby delivering factories,
it's hard to think that an epidural wont be an option.
 - - -
well it isn't an option in bethel.
 - - -
here is where the dilemma comes into play.
i COULD fly to anchorage and have her at providence hospital, which would give me the epidural option.
i know what most of you are saying, 'well just do that, sounds easy enough'
if only you were right.
there is just one thing that is keeping me from planning on an anchorage delivery.
if i can work to my one year mark then i will qualify for a three month paid maternity leave.
but if i have my baby before the one year mark, then no money for me.
lets take a look together at how close these two dates actually are....
now do you understand?
if i want to plan on an anchorage delivery they want me to go in at least one week before me due date.
well that isn't an option if i want my maternity leave.
so the best option we have come up with is to take the chance that Berlin wont come early.
we really have nothing to go on except that my mom didn't come early. so that's good.
this is our predicament.
i really don't want to have a natural delivery.... REALLY REALLY DON'T!
but i REALLY REALLY want to be paid to play with Berlin.
double ugh.

what would you do?

take the chance that she wont come early and try to hit my one year mark?
- then fly anchorage the second i qualify for my maternity leave.


forget taking chances and go to anchorage early, that way have a guaranteed epidural???


  1. I'm scared for you, epidurals saved me, and allowed me to forget the pain enough to have 4 children, good luck to you and I love you

  2. awh babe this is horrible! well do you have any sick time? you could use up all of your sick or personal days and go to anchorage!! if thats not an option, im not sure what to tell you...have you tried talking to your employer about it? all i can say is that the epidural saved me, and the 3 months i was off work was hard not being the chances that your first baby comes early are VERY small so you could probably make it! im sorry lady! anyways i miss you sooo much, we need to talk soon!! love ya!

  3. That is a close call!
    I tried natural but I had the option I would freak out if I didnt. I would vote to hold off and the minute your one year hits take off! But The Roussels have a good ideas about all the sick days!
    Hope the best. Either way the baby will come out!

  4. I'm going to think about it...
    Just so you know Grma is very worried about you! :)
    did you see the post I dedicated to you? I have another coming soon.
    Love you!

  5. Let me just tell you... Noah decided to come 3 weeks early and very quickly.. He started coming out without anything and I will tell you I NEVER want to experience pain like that again in my life, the second I got the epidural... poof! I was in heaven. Granted he was my second and your first typically comes later than earlier. So since this is your first... I bet she's not going to come early. Also.... if you hit your 1 year mark then you will get to spend 3 months with Berlin while being PAID to do so!! After you have baby your not going to want to go back so soon... you'll be exhausted. So... even if you have to do it without the epidural... you'll still get 3 months to enjoy at home... TOTALLY not worth the epidural. I have heard from everyone who has not had an epidural that their recovery is a lot faster.... and also that when you actually push the pain goes away as your pushing.... Just from my experience, when Noahs head was coming out I have never felt pain like that in my life. And I kept sucking him back in and holding my legs together. But in your instance... I would take the chance and wait until you hit your one year mark! You will be thankful that you get the 3 months leave! And after all... the pain will only last for a few minutes anyway! Let us know what you decide!! Love you girl!

  6. I say plan on working. (Do you have a sick day or two saved up that you could take right at the end?) Otherwise just plan to work until the end.
    Then if you get to your 37-38-39 week appointment and your doctor says you look like you will have a baby soon, then re-asses.

    Likely he will chick you at 39 weeks and say, "You don't look like you are going to have a baby any day now." And you will be glad you get that maternity leave.

    You will know a lot more about the time frame in those last couple of weeks.

    I usually tell people due in April that if they have the baby on my birthday they can name her after me. (At least a middle name...) Since my birthday is the 11th I'm not going to even bother saying it, because you won't have the baby that early.

    Love ya.

  7. I'd keep working! First babies like to take their sweet time it seems... but I can tell you that contrary to what many people think natural childbirth can be awesome... IF, and a huge IF, you are prepared for it! :) But keep working and like Jackie said keep reassessing with your doc. The hospital has policies to help make things easier (alot of times for themselves) but they certainly can't deny you for getting there less than a week before your date!If you want to talk about preparing for the possibility of no epidural I can definitely give you some tips. I think it's always best to be prepared for all the possibilities... But Good luck! Yup- either way baby comes out and she'll be here before you know it! I can't believe it's getting so close!

  8. Well I was one of those 'crazies' that had both of mine natural. But, I'm not going to lie - it does hurt like hell! BUT, it wasn't 30 min after I had them I felt great too. It was like "did I seriously just have a baby?!". I would say wait out to the last minute. My experience of getting used to mothering, nursing, no sleep, and all that comes with being a new mom was much more tramatic than labor, which as painful as it is really is no time at all in comparison. Just think of it as a pain marathon - the baby WILL come and it WILL end. I'm all for taking as much time as possible on the post adjustment - you'll need it and appreciate it!
    Good luck!

  9. haha... I like that.... the pain marathon! It will come and it will end! Very true!!

  10. Oh Angela it's just around the corner!! :) That's definitely a big decision to make...but before I tell you my 2 cents, just know that it will all work out and after you have your beautiful little Berlin it'll all be worth it, and more :)

    Childbirth is so fascinating with how it is SO different for every was interesting reading some of the comments. I totally agree with Jackie's advice of waiting and continuing to communicate with your doctor(s). Just be prepared for anything...and know that you & your little babe are in the Lord's hands :)

    Towards the end of my pregnancy I was totally going with the epidural plan...bring on the drugs! haha Let me tell you, I have a VERY low pain tolerance. I ended up getting to the hospital too late (i was dilated to 8cm...yowza...sorry if that was tmi) epidural for me...and I'm so grateful. Honestly, I've never felt such intense pain/pressure in my life, but as soon as he was out I was in heaven and I forgot about the pain. And it was SO nice to not have to worry about catheters and being numb afterward...I could walk and move around. I still thank my Heavenly Father for such a wonderful birthing experience, because I know many friends and family who have such hard births...but they are stronger for it! You'll do amazing, I have no doubt. Oh, and the 3 months paid maternity leave sounds WONDERFUL!!! getting mulah to snuggle and care for your newborn sounds sa-weet! :) Keep us updated. And I'll keep you in my prayers friend :)

    overall, my vote is to wait for the 1 year mark! just in case you wanted to add one more tally to the scoreboard ;)

  11. no anesthesiologist?? how crazy!!