Monday, August 8, 2011

our fishing trip in homer, alaska.

hey kaylee, check out these pictures of bryn.
this one is of her napping on the boat. she really liked the waves, it made her very sleepy.

this is of cory and bryn. i can't tell if she likes being out in the cold.

this picture has ME in it.
i she hope you know that the girl in the yellow jacket REALLY REALLY misses you!

this is baby brynlee and her fat rolls. she is getting quite chunky.

do you remember the hair that bryn had on the back of her head?
well it's sure growing. we thing we could put a little bow back there and make it look like a baby pony tail.

this is bryn with a girl that was at the cabin.
she sure likes being held.... but i KNOW she LOVES being held by you most!

we caught lots and lots of crab.
she wanted to eat some, but we couldn't let her.

i think she looks scared in this picture, don't you?
if you look really close i'm pretty sure she is staring down that crab.... it was big!

and this is our little family.
hopefully the next trip we go on will be to UTAH so i can come see you!
i can't wait for you to see brynlee, she has gotten soooo big!
i will put up more pictures for you SOON!

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  1. She is getting so big! Oakley has the same mullet, buy Brynlee has more hair! She is adorable!