Monday, August 1, 2011

lazy sunday.

yes. we slept today.
after three hours of church we should be tired.
it's amazing how fast the people in my branch leave after our "church time" is up.
i loved what one family said, "the amount of time we stay after church to talk, is the amount of time we are going to be late next week." what a fun family. you know we're all thinking it.
today cory and i were extra tired. some how i forgot to bring wipes and extra diapers, no smart.
after a cute little brynlee bum started doing it's thing we were pretty stressed.
luckily i didn't forget EVERYTHING today.
once we got a little flustered we whipped out that diet coke, and boy did we feel better.
don't judge. you would to if you had a branch like ours. IT'S AWESOME!

p.s. i found a diaper and it was just her size.
it really wasn't that big of a deal. i guess i just wanted an excuse to bring out the good stuff.

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