Sunday, March 27, 2011

30 + SEVEN weeks

i cannot wait to meet our little

(we haven't picked how we want to spell her name yet)
i hope she knows just how excited we are to start being her parents.
we have been working extra hard lately getting ready for her to come,
lots of fun clothes and baby stuff was bought.
(cory bought everything. it was to much money to buy it in bethel. so instead we got him a plane ticket and had him go to anchorage to buy everything. HE DID GREAT!)
(( i didn't go because my feet swell like balloons if i am on them for too long))
if you saw my feet you would think i was having an allergic reaction to something, its bad.
- - -
i am pretty open about being pregnant and how it might not be my favorite thing in the world.
but you know what.
there is something that i don't like even more.
taking pictures of me pregnant.
cory thinks that we need to document what i looked like, he might be right.
he could also be wrong.
i never saw any pictures of my mom pregnant with me,
probably because she was just like me and didn't like taking them.
anywho i gave in to cory and his camera and these three picture are pretty much what you get.

1. my idea of a perfect picture...tummy only!  no chubby face needed.
2. if we have to add my face i am going to make my, "i am NOT excited to poop out this baby" face.
(but i sure am excited for after she's out!)
3. okay fine i'll smile. you get only one though.


  1. You look awesome and I totally know how you feel about not being excited to "poop out a baby". But it'll be over before you know it and then you'll have a beautiful baby in your arms!!

  2. Oh and I like berlyn! Cute name and I like that spelling

  3. oh ang you look AMAZING! seriously! i wish i couldve been at your baby shower!!! are you registered anywhere? you can register and people can have things shipped to you or anywhere you want...PLEASE tell me so i can send you presents PLEASSSEE!! i am DYING to buy girls clothes!!! i felt the same way about being pregnant and taking pictures, i have prob 2 totally from when i was pregnant...and being pregnant was NOT that fun like everyone says. the best part was being able to feel and see your little one move in your belly!!

    ps i like it spelled BERLYN with the "y" its soooo cute!

  4. You look so cute! I love your hair! :)

  5. You look gorgeous and soon you'll have a beautiful baby in your arms! I didn't like being pregnant either and I got HUGE so I hated taking pictures of myself. Pregnancy is SOOO long in my opinion and then when you have your baby, you feel so much better and it rocks!

  6. I'm so glad you posted!! You look super cute...I still can't believe it - you're a mom! Awesome! Let all of us reading where you've decided to have her - Anchorage or Bethel?

  7. Thats exactly how i was! There are only a few pictures of me preggo