Saturday, January 22, 2011


last night was the K300.
it's an annual 300 mile dog sled race that begins in bethel.
with bethel being such a small town when anything exciting happens, everyone goes to enjoy the fun!
sadly i forgot to bring my camera, but luckily i still had pictures from last years K300.
(last year? wow, i still can't believe a gilbert, arizona girl has lived in the alaska cold for this long)

on another note.
looks like our recruiting is paying off,
we have SUPER close friends planning on moving up here.
i know i have said it once but i will say it again...
bethel has changed our lives.
sounds cheesy, but it's true.
we wouldn't be where we are today without it.
sometimes i think about what would have happened if i had said no to corys crazy alaska plan....
i know we wouldn't have a house, that's for sure.
looking back i have no idea how cory talked me into living here
but i am really glad that he did.
i might complain about this place now and then
but i really do like it.
life is simple here.


  1. Corey, I miss your musk.. I think when this is all over we need to get an apartment together. I moved to Texas.. Call me.. I'll answer this time, I promise.. I love you...

    Yours truly, Drew 480-840-4908

  2. Hey!! I was waiting and waiting for you to post about the ultrasound...yea! I started a blog and wondered if you still have those pics of my fam from cali like the big coke sign ones? I wanted to post one. If you do and you ever have a sec maybe you could email them to me? Miss you!